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  1. This is exactly what I am dealing with! We haven't signed our contract yet, but I already know that we are going to have trouble filling the 10 room minimum. People can get WAY better deals by packaging their airfare and hotel together...they save like $400! I feel exactly the same way, how can I ask my guests to pay more? Do you have a WC? I do not, but in reading these forums think it might be a good idea to get one that doesn't work for the Sheraton. Any advice???
  2. Is that the golf course? I never even thought of that! Do you mind sharing what they quoted you for the rooms? If not I totally understand. We started out at $210 per night (not including tax) for the garden view rooms and I was able to get them down to $160...but I'm still worried. It is a good deal, but overall it is still a lot smarter for people to book their airfare and hotel as a package deal. Thats what we are worried about. Maybe I should try again and see if she will go down any more? You said you went back a forth a few times? We are expecting our wedding to be somewhere between 45-55 guests, a lot of which we are sure will stay at the Sheraton, but not sure if they will book through the reservation line. Its so expensive for people to get to our wedding already we just don't want people to spend any more money than they have to! Thanks for the response, every little bit of info helps!
  3. Hello to all... This is my first post and I need some help from all of you! I am planning my destination wedding for next January, 2012. I have been working with Viviana from the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar for months now. We are so excited about having our wedding there and she is very helpful. However, we are worried about one thing...the room minimum policy. In order to have our wedding on Friday or Saturday we have to contract to at least 10 rooms for at least 2 nights. Doesn't sound that hard right? We didn't think so at first either....but here is the problem... While the room rates she is offering are good, people MUST book through the hotels reservation line in order for it to count towards our minimum. So if people book AT THIS HOTEL but through any other website it does not count. And the main issue is that a lot of our guests (we think) will want to book hotel and airfare combos, which makes it about $400 cheaper. Who in their right mind would book a more expensive option? So while we know we will have many more than 10 rooms booked at this hotel, we are not sure how many people will book the exact way they are asking in order for it to count towards our minimum.... So I guess my question is, if any of you had your wedding here int he past, how did you deal with this policy? Any advice would be MUCH appreciated. We are just trying to figure out how to go about this, without getting stuck paying for all 10 rooms! Thanks so much! Confused Cabo Bride
  4. Hello all! I am planning a Cabo wedding for Jan 2012! Our front runner right now is the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. Does anyone have any opinions? Pictures? Or anything to share? It would be much appreciated!!
  5. What a great review! Thanks for all the details. I am looking at the Sheraton for my Jan 2012 wedding...and I couldn't believe it but when looking at your pictures I realized I have the same dress! Beautiful, thanks again for sharing!