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  1. I just booked Tomas for our May 28, 2011 wedding. My WC recommended him and I've ready lots of great reviews. Will let you know how it goes.
  2. Sascha- Email me at kellydwood@yahoo.com if you want more specific information. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. We are having 75 guests (numerous from overseas) and everyone is staying at Hacienda Encantada. They gave us great all inclusive rates. I too loved Capella Pedregal but it was way out of our budget (we felt it was too much to ask of our guests). I also looked at Cabo del Sol and it's beautiful, however, we had to factor in the extra expense of transporting our guests to/from. We didn't want any of our guests drinking/driving and we really wanted all of our guests staying at the same resort.
  3. Look into Hacienda Encantada. Their rates are so much more affordable than Dreams (also ALL INCLUSIVE)
  4. Anyone have any idea how hot it will actually be in Cabo the end of May? I'm deciding whether to order fans for our guests? We are getting married at 6:30 pm so I'm hoping it won't be that hot...thoughts?
  5. Thanks ladies but my fiance and I have eaten at Mi Casa so we want to find somewhere new. Someone suggested Puerta Viaja - anyone have any experience with this restaurant? The views are beautiful.
  6. Hello - we are trying to decide on Rehearsal Dinner locations for May 2011. There will be 16 of us and we really want to keep around $50/peron including alcohol/tax/tip. Do any restaurants in Cabo allow guests to bring bottles of wine/corkage fee? Please provide any suggestions. Thank you so much.
  7. Hello - Wondering where I can rent Tiffany Chairs for our wedding ceremony/reception? Please also advise cost. Thanks very much.
  8. Truthfully, I looked into Zoetry and it was just going to be too expensive for us and our guests. I worked and worked on Yarai and got to her agree to the following: $220/person/night for those guests wanting to stay at Zoetry (all inclusive) $160/person/night for those guests wanting to stay at Dreams (all inclusive) The problem is that to have the reception at Zoetry, they were going to charge us $75/guest for those guests staying at Zoetry but $130/guest for those staying at Dreams. $160 for those guests staying elsewhere. Also, they have a list of required vendors for flowers and such that you have to use. In the end, we decided it was going to be too expensive. The other factor was that they required at least 10 rooms be booked at Zoetry. We didn't know if we could guarantee 10 rooms at Zoetry (due to the cost of $440/couple/night) plus we didn't want some of our guests staying at 1 resort with the majority of others at the other resort. I was also disappointed as they would not provide free shuttle service on the night of the wedding. Therefore, that would have been an additional cost. Let me know if you have any other questions..I tried really really hard to make it work but in the end decided to go with Hacienda Encantada. It has a ton of charm and they have really been reasonable on their pricing. Good luck!
  9. I'm an Cabo bride to be - wedding date of May 28, 2011 at Hacienda Encatada
  10. Hi ladies - I'm starting this post to see if there are any other brides that are having their weddings at Hacienda Encatada - along the corridor? My mom and I visited Cabo last month and toured numerous (like close to 15) potential wedding sites. Encatada has so much Mexican charm and was by far, the most reasonably priced. Staying in the heart of Cabo wasn't our thing. Ana, the wedding coordinator at Encatada, is so friendly and so far, really helpful. Let me know if you are looking at any particular resort and chances are, I have all their wedding info. I'm happy to share what I learned. Now that the place and date have been secured, I'm feeling a huge sigh of relief. All the best, Kelly
  11. Cindy - Did you sell your Sue Wong dress? If not, what size is it? It's gorgeous.
  12. Hi - my mom and I have now visited close to 15 resorts this weekend and also am leaning towards HE. Could you email me at kellydwood@yahoo.com so we can compare notes. Thanks so much.
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