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  1. November 9, 2010 is the wedding date! Just went dress shopping last weekend...there are so many beautiful dresses out there, how will I ever make up my mind...
  2. After reading through 23 pages of great suggestions, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I will purchase. Thanks everyone!!
  3. You did an amazing job! Your dresses are so gorgeous. I'm starting to think I might be able to justify getting two dresses as well.
  4. Very pretty. You must have had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing your work!
  5. Amazing pics. Your beautiful baby girl steals the show though!!
  6. Thanks for sharing your great work! I love the elegant blue that you chose!
  7. Very nice. I think I might have to "borrow" the hairstyle pic. I love it!!
  8. You really did a great job! Everything just comes together so well. You must have the designer's eye. I feel like I have so many great ideas, but I don't know how it will all look together. Luckily I have quite a while to figure it all out, and take many ideas from all of you!!
  9. Congrats! Your dresses are gorgeous. I am hoping to splurge and have two as well. Where did you find the TTD dress??
  10. Thanks for all of the great makeup advice. I think I'm heading to Sephora tomorrow. Never tried a primer, but I think I will after all of the positive feedback...
  11. Anyone have any luck finding any aqua and pink striped ties??
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