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  1. Beautiful pictures girl! I am glad to hear you had a wonderful time and that everything was perfect!
  2. BirminghamBride2010

    Privilege Aluxes?

    Hi ladies. I am getting married in May of next year on isla mujeres. We are not using a resort to have our wedding, but I am planning on having my guest stay at Privilege Aluxes. The resort looks beautiful and you cant beat the prices. Right now they do have a special where if you book before Dec 2009, you can get 40% off the rates. I have been in contact with someone with reservations, and they informed me that they will use your credit card as your reservation, but wont charge it, and you pay once you arrive at the hotel. Sounds really good. I am going to encourage my guests to book before the year is out.
  3. BirminghamBride2010

    Isal Mujeres Bride

    Welcome. I am getting married there as well in May!
  4. I am having a hard time as well. First it was khaki and light blue. Then beachy colors like my siggy. But after trying on dresses, none of my girls look good in any of those colors. So now my colors are going to be classic...black and white. Black is my fav color anyway! We are getting married at sunset on the beach...so why not have someting a little elegant.
  5. BirminghamBride2010

    Chocolate Brides: Hair Question

    You have plenty of time to think about it......like me!
  6. BirminghamBride2010

    Chocolate Brides: Hair Question

    You are right Gregsbride! I am only planning to get a partial sew-in. That way I will be able to pull my hair away from my face if I choose.
  7. BirminghamBride2010

    Michelle's Dreams Wedding & Pics

    Such a cute couple! Congrats!
  8. BirminghamBride2010

    Cecilia Dumas TTD Session ~ LOTS of PICS

    I love her work and she seems so nice. Your pictures are sexy!! I can't wait for her to make me look sexy!!
  9. BirminghamBride2010

    Mori Lee Brides???

    I love Mori Lee. Actually, I am debating buying this dress. Bridal Gowns Informal bridal bridesmaids Prom Flower Girl Quinceanera Stores I'm not a fan of the beading on the bust, so I might have that changed, but its a top contender. Sorry I don't know how to post the actually pic of the model
  10. BirminghamBride2010

    Chocolate Brides: Hair Question

    Diva, I see that your day is coming soon!! Even though I am pretty much sold on a sew-in, please post pictures of your braids.
  11. BirminghamBride2010

    Got our Tote Bags - Great Vendor

    Thanks. I am undecided about a vender, even though I have plenty of time. I would love to pics.
  12. BirminghamBride2010

    What size runner for 60" tables?

    I am looking for table runners. If you don't mind me asking, where did you purchase yours from. I really need the 108" Thanks
  13. Yep. Christine with DesignsByTine is awesome and not expensive. Super easy to work.
  14. Hi, DesignbyTine is doing my STD's and eventually my invites. She is super nice to work with.
  15. Angela, I total understand. I still have not yet found "the one". But I like the first dress on you. Looks so pretty! Good luck