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  1. Hello ladies! It's been a while since I posted, it's been extremely hectic! I'm actually at Privilege right now, relaxing on the balcony and enjoying the lovely weather. I've been having some pretty negative experiences with the hotel. Like they released my room block earlier than my contract date, resulting in 6 of my guests staying at another, much more expensive place AND they aren't apologetic about it. And there's now this 10% service charge that's appearing on the dinners I had planned, even though that wasn't mentioned at all before!! But there are some positives as well, the staff are wonderful and the drinks are plentiful! I'll try to check in a couple more times, let me know if you have any questions!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Hi Ladies, Elba confirmed that the reception will end at 10:30, but they can stay open untill midnight for $5 per person, per hour (if all-inclusive). Since we have to pay for the space, we're thinking of just moving the party off-site to a bar if folks want to keep partying Tina
  5. So Rae, will you be having the ceremony and the dancing on the terrace? Good point on the timing, Sheena, I'll have to confirm with Elba on how late we can have the terrace area Tina
  6. Welcome, Kathleen! I'm a January 2010 bride as well. Are you the one getting married on January 9th? Also, Elba said their florist would be willing to do a chuppa/pavilon type thing with flowers for free, so I would send Elba some pictures and see if she can work something out if you're not liking the flowered arch. Rachel, as for the reception, my understanding is the dinner in the blog was inside Sabor and the dancing was on the "terrace" portion, which is just outside and partially covered with exposed beams. I'm thinking of having this set up for mine as well. Has any put any thoughts into dj versus ipod? I'm debating right now and can't decide. I emailed 1 DJ but haven't heard back from him on rates yet, and Elba had previously quoted me $250/2 hours for another DJ. The speaker/mic costs for an ipod is "100 usd or 200 usd for 2 to 4 hours," which isn't as clear as I would like but I think she's saying about $50/hour for rental. The only reason I'd want a DJ is to make announcements, etc but what are you gals planning on?
  7. Hey Ladies, I have menus for appetizers, the bar and dinner. If anyone's interested I can email them out Tina
  8. Hi ladies, I'm having the same debate as well. One question I had, though, is that if we play our own music from an IPOD would we be missing out on having the DJ make announcements, like announcing us in, starting the first dance, etc? Or should someone other than the DJ be doing those things? Thanks, Tina
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    Short Wedding Dresses

    Like many others, I originally wanted a tea length (or shorter) dress and I actually have a bunch of pictures and things I've saved from my research; if you give me your email address I can send them to you. Alfred Angelo had some beautiful ones. The main problem was, most designers try to over-compensate for the informality of the short dress with lots of extra beads and stuff, and sometimes this doesn't show up in the internet pictures. When I went into stores to try them on, I didn't like them as much because it felt too sparkly for my beach wedding. I ended up choosing a longer dress but it is form-fitting without a train
  10. We emailed our STDs as just a jpeg of the STD "card" and a little personalized note at the start of the email. The STD picture had our website on it as well. My FI found an existing STD design we liked (a French airmail letter), copied it, pasted our wording on and then posted it in emails so that it would be visible in the email body. It looked very nice, and it saves on paper waste! Tina
  11. Hi Sheena, Haven't heard back about the flowers. The flowered arch in the pictures is the one included in the package, and Elba's going to try to see if she can get me a chuppa/pavilon type thing (sort of like in your pic!) for free. I probably will get a dj, but I'm going to try to get a sense of his music type, etc before committing. My FI and I are debating having a band come out at the end of the ceremony, during the cocktail hour. Our friend had a mariachi band come out at the end and it made things feel very celebratory and exciting! Sheena, totally agree with you on the cake, I've heard that folks don't really pay attention to it since they're so stuffed by the end (especially at an AI!)
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    Moe's Wedding Extra's for Sale

    If the puzzle book deal falls through, please pm me! Thanks, Tina
  13. Thanks for the photos, Sheena, Elba had sent those to me as well. I'm pretty much going to copy that wedding set-up, although I'm flip flopping between the flowered arch shown in the pics or a chuppa/pavilon type thing with flowers. I was just planning to use the florist & bakery that's included in the wedding package, I'm not too picky about flowers or the cake. The thing I'm most picky about is the music, I found a violinist who's pretty reasonable and now I need to match him up with Elba
  14. Yay!! I also signed the contract a couple of days ago (I don't think Edgar read any of my revisions, so that was cool!), I'm on for January 16th!
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    Moe's Plannin Thread Super Long

    Wow, everything looks sooo nice, and it's so inspiring seeing how much effort you put into it! I'm going to steal your shell ring carrier idea