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  1. I am happy to talk more and answer all your questions. Email me a rachellrountree@gmail.com. If you have gmail, we can gchat too!
  2. Hi ladies! I am another Isle bride. We are getting married at Privileges Aluxes on April 24. Let me know if you have any questions or want to bounce ideas off one another. Happy to help in any way I can, I know there are not many of us. Best, Rachel
  3. I am happy to talk more and answer all your questions. Email me a rachellchrist@gmail.com. I will respond to all these once I have your email address. It seems easier that way. If you have gmail, we can gchat too! Rachel
  4. Elba is still the coordinator of the hotel. I have been working with her for months and, for the most part, she has been wonderful. She usually responds within a few days of any request. Lately, I have had to email her more often to get a response, but that's just part of the drill. They have had a lot of weddings lately. One piece of advice, keep any and all correspondence between you and Elba. Hotel prices tend to change, so you want to make sure you are not charge more in the end. It's great that you got to visit, I wish we could have. Do you have any pictures you wouldn't mind sharing of the resort? I'd love to see anything you have.
  5. I hope the wedding was wonderful! I cannot wait to hear your review and any tips you can give your fellow Aluxes brides. I'm sorry they did not tell you about the 10% service fee. It is standard operating procedures for hotels. Most hotels in the US have a 20%+ service fee! Have a great honeymoon! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you return.
  6. Hey Ladies, To answer a few pending questions. 1. The wholesaler I’m thinking about using is called Whole Blossoms and they are out of Austin (where I’m from). I haven’t made up my mind yet, it all depends on how easy they can ship the flowers and costs. 2. We are doing an iPod because we are both REALLY picky about music. My fiancé and many of his friends are musicians, so it was easier to get what we wanted this way. We are having a friend announce the wedding party, toast, etc. I’ve hired my friend (who does events) to be my weekend coordinator while we are there and she is going to keep things running on time as well. Tina, I know you must be getting ready for your trip soon. I cannot wait to hear your feedback and pictures. Please send ALL that you take. The more the better. I so wish I could go. I’m traveling half of the fall for work, too bad it’s not anywhere near there. Hope you are all doing well. Best, Rachel
  7. Hey Tina! Please do, I'd love to see what you have. rachellchrist@gmail.com I emailed Elba about a month ago for some feedback and she told me I could bring in my own flowers (wholesale) and decorations at no additional charge and that they would set them up for me at no additional charge. Might be an option depending on what they have to offer. Have either of you received a price list for flowers or decor? Any updates on the other link for more pictures? From their blog it was hard to tell where the reception was. Was it an inside, outside type location? If so, that would be cool. In a perfect world, I'd love to do the dinner, first dance, toasts all inside with AC, and then open doors to the patio/deck once the dancing begins. That way people can float in and out. Sorry I have been MIA. I have been traveling for the last 3 weeks (work). Hope yall are doing well! Best, Rachel
  8. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to let you know I signed our room block contract last Friday. It’s FINALLY official; we will be getting married at Aluxes on April 24, 2010. No turning back now! I am waiting until I receive a wedding coordinator before I dive into all my questions. In terms of menus, they only sent me a one pager, and I’m assuming there are more options. I will let you know when I receive more thorough information. They did make a comment about being able to customize a menu, which I’ll probably do. What about flowers? I was thinking of buying them from a wholesaler and having them shipped directly to the hotel. I wonder if they would set them up for us. What do you all think? Are you all doing a rehearsal dinner? If so, have you made any concrete plans with the hotel? Are you all doing a traditional reception with dinner and dancing? If so, have you made any concrete plans with the hotel? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks ladies! Best, Rachel
  9. Hey Tina, I’m glad they sent you the proposal. My travel agent and I received answers to our questions on Thursday of this past week and went through everything on Friday. If you have questions, let me know. Some of the items were a little confusing. You are welcome to email me separately or we can ever talk by phone, if that would be helpful. My email address is rachellchrist@gmail.com. If you would like me to talk a look at your contract to make sure they included a few pertinent items and disclaimers, I am happy too. I’m having them add a few things to mine before I sign. I’m glad you were pleased. They seem great to work with. Do you know if Elba will be the wedding coordinator or will there be someone else outside of their sales department? I have some menus I can send you as well, if you don’t already have them. Best, Rachel
  10. rachel042410

    Isal Mujeres Bride

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across this forum. There is so much GREAT information on here. You ladies are awesome! We are getting married at Privilege Aluxes. We just finished working out the details of the contract and should be signing it next week. I cannot wait for it to be final, I’m sure you all can understand that. For those who have gotten married in Isla, I would love to know what you and your guests did for transportation from the Cancun airport. Did you set up group transportation? Did guests set up individual transportation? I have a travel agent who is handling all the air and hotel reservations, so I’m sure she could set something up too. Not sure if it’s necessary though. I would love your feedback. Thank you all!
  11. Good Morning Tina, I wouldn’t worry about the rates. I have been quoted the same. They have a promotion going on at the hotel that indicates if you book your room by the end of 2009, you are eligible for 40% off. I am going to encourage all of my guests to book early so they can take advantage of the deals before our wedding in April of 2010. I know the feeling about to good to be true. I have been dealing with VERY inflexible and unaccommodating coordinators from all over the region, from Isla all the way to Puerto Aventuras. Elba’s willingness to work with me and create something special is why I decided to go with them. Have you signed your contract yet? I sent mine back with some questions regarding some of the terms and the deposit for the room block (what is it for? Etc.). I do fundraising and event planning for a living, so I am extremely familiar with hotel and venue contracts. I am super picky about what I sign. I am curious how this is going for you. Best, Rachel
  12. Hi! I am also considering Aluxes for my wedding in April 2010. I am currently working out contract details. I have not been before. I did a site visit to Mexico back in April, be we did not go to Isla while we were there. We were planning on Playa del Carmen, but ended up changing our minds once we got back. I would love to stay in contact if you end up using them. They seem super flexible and willing to work with us on our requests and ideas-which is nice. Most of the other hotels would not budge on a thing. Did you take any pictures while you were there? I would LOVE to see some actual pictures and not just website photos. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for posting! Best, Rachel
  13. rachel042410

    Isal Mujeres Bride

    Hello Everyone! After months of trial and error, I think, we have a venue. We are getting married April 24, 1010 in Isla Mujeres. We are currently working out the details for the contract, so nothing is final. Fingers crossed!!!