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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by j081717 Drtracy, I would love to see your TTD session but everytime I click on it, it just goes to the beginning section of the forum. What is your post called? Sorry about that, my signature links are now fixed so you can see my MP review and TTD pics and such. It cost me $50 to get my dress steamed. I think this link was posted earlier but the MP wedding website does have some of the optional services prices listed. Palace Resorts Weddings
  2. Congrats Nadine! I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it. I just know you are the most beautiful bride!
  3. A lot of people I know alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with their families. So one year they'd do HIS side for Thanksgiving and HERS for Christmas and the next year switch. It seems to work for them and everyone expects it so no real drama. My parents live near DH's dad but his mom lives 12 hours from them (and they live 8 hours from us). We travel to where my family (and his dad) is and spend Xmas Eve with DH's side (mom & dad's families) and then Xmas day with my side. We have to split time with his family as they are divorced and remarried but we give my parents as much time so no one feels "cheated." Don't know if that helps you but that's how we roll. I agree with the sentiment of do what you want. I don't know if we will still travel so much when we have kids but if we don't, we don't...
  4. Hi Jenn, Welcome to the forum! MP does rock and is a wonderful place to get married. There are a lot of great resources here on BDW to help you in your planning. As a former MP bride let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by moonpalacebride Hey Tracy! I was wondering if your section of professional photos on your Wedding Picture Website are from the Moon Palace photographer? I can't seem to find ANY pictures anywhere!!! Thanks in advance:) They are - I think I just replied to the thread you started about it too. If you check out my review I think I have the photogs name there. They are good, just tell them what you want pics of. I think some people didn't like their pics b/c they weren't what they wanted (i.e. they wanted certain poses, family pics, etc.) but if you ask, you shall receive.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Woodsylou i am on a tight budget so wasn't going to have a photographer at all, but i've just realised thier package a is only $295 so i might do that. it's very cheap and as long as we get a few photos i'll be happy! does anyone know what photo package a (excluding prints and album) includes? i mean time wise?! is it just the ceremony or does it include shots after as bride and groom and with family etc? So I'm biased b/c I did use the on-site photog and I love my pics. The one photog that many people referenced was David Pena, but I didn't have him for mine (I think I have our photogs name in my wedding review linked below but I can't remember it right now). Our video turned out really well too. We only had the photogs for right before the ceremony (from me getting in the carriage) until the group pics afterwards. We opted not to spend the money for more time (which I actually kind of regret now b/c we don't have a ton of good reception pics). I don't know what the current price for pics is there but I do recommend getting the CD of pics, it was $150 when we got ours in May. DEFINITELY worth it. My link below my siggy pic (from an onsite photog) has my wedding pics if you want to check them out. Hope that helps.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffani1980 Has anyone used a MP photographer besides David Pena? How did the pics come out? Quote: Originally Posted by tiffani1980 j081717- I can't wait to see your invites! After reading through mostly all of the reviews about MP, I have never heard of any other photogs.....I'm getting scared! I didn't have David and my pics came out great, also the video was AWESOME! My siggy pic is from MP and there are some scattered around the links below that. Don't worry about the lack of communication just yet. I didn't really get too much response until about a month before the wedding. They usually don't even assign on-side coordinators until 30-60 days out. Some of the venues are not in "fixed" locations, hence the weight and dancing issues. Hope this helps.
  8. Yay! So happy for you and what great pictures. Seriously looks like you are models selling me something: furry hats, ice skates, fancy watches, I don't know what but fabulous!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by stacey I signed up for the web site that you all mentioned. I have to admit that it is very confusing. But it looks like there are classes you can take? I will have to work on that over the weekend, when Im not at work. It totaly looks like a foreign language though, with lots of new abreviations to learn! I didn't know you and Yael were over here. DH and I are thinking along the same lines as you guys. We can be TTC friends!
  10. Hope things are improving for you here. Just a thought ~ if you are a first time homebuyer you can withdraw from an IRA without penalty (just taxes). That may help you with the additional funds. DH and I are supposed to be closing on a house on 8/15 and we went with Wells Fargo. So far no big surprises but I can keep anyone interested up to date. I've heard most of the crap that happens is from the underwriters vs. the brokers, sometimes they don't even know what is going to happen or what the UWs will say regarding a loan. Everything I've read though says that if you can put a big down payment and avoid PMI you'll be happier in the long run.
  11. Tina ~ great pics, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. I had Doris too and LOVED her!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Eureaka Quick question - Did anyone have (or plan to have) the legal marriage in Mexico ? I called my city hall to ask what records they needed from me since we were getting married in Mexico and got a very rude "NOTHING". The person I talked to was not very helpful to say the least. I just feel like we would need to do something locally so that they know we are officially married. Maybe just having the marriage certificate in our possession is enough? If so, they could have just said that! Sorry for the venting! Any help is appreciated! I'm still trying to figure this out and I was married in May! Of course, I haven't been working to hard at it. I'm pretty sure that just going to social security gets you the new card and then you can get a new license and everything. Sorry I don't know much more.
  13. I'm late in reading this but Steph, your responses were perfect, I am adding you to my girl-crush list right now.
  14. I'm so happy that you got such a quick response from him. Hopefully he reviews it and agrees with you. Maybe he'll re-edit it himself into something better. Good luck!
  15. Ugh, that totally sucks. My advice for your email. Take out the emotional aspect of it. Make it a bit more professional sounding. The guy probably won't care so much if you are sad ~but he will care about the specific things with the video that didn't meet your expectations. For me the emotional aspect just makes it sound a little more like disappointed bride versus disappointed customer. Does that make sense? I'd also include in the closing paragraph what your expectations are to rectify the problem. It's good that you don't want anyone to get in trouble but really if this is the videographer's idea of good work he will likely be doing this for other's weddings. Definitely ask for a recut or the raw footage!
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