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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by northernflasher Hi, we are having the chapel for our ceremony and our reception on the beach. We have chosen the wine cellar as our bad weather location ( god willing NOOOOOO!) We are doing the cocktail hour poss in the courtyard outside the chapel and this is also where we will do our first dance before dinner cos we are doing a salsa routine that is hard enough anyway without having the joys of sand to deal with!!! We will then just dance barefoot in the sand for the reception. I just thought I should give you a heads up in terms of your first dance they have a strict no music, no dancing policy for the wine cellar so you will def have to do your first dance before you go to dinner during your cocktail hour or later on in the disco. Hope this helps. You can also have the wedding in the ballrooms. That is where my wedding was and it was so noice not to worry about rain! plus we had our cocktail hour outside the ballroom that is outside but under a cover
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by DTurner51410 UsernameTurner51410 Names: Levi and Danielle Date & Time: May 14, 2010, 6pm(trying to move it to 4:30 or 5) Wedding package: Ultimate Wedding extras (through the resort): upgraded bouquet, 4tier cake, large centerpieces. That's all for now. Outside vendors (cost charged by vendor and any fees charged by the resort): Chris Takigi photographer and maybe DJ Mannia Type of ceremony: Symbolic Coordinator: Aurora Number of guests: 34 including bride and groom. Ceremony location and time: Beach @ 6(trying to change time.) Cocktail hour location and time: unsure. Reception location and time: Ballroom. ?-10:30 Photographer:Chris Takigi and resort Videographer: Resort Review (link): Photos (link): Video (link): Planning thread (link): Wedding website (link): Special arrangements / activities: snorkeling night in Cancun the ruins. Hi Danielle, Just wanted to let you know we used the ballroom and it was the best choice possible! we avoided rain on my day and in addition we had the cocktail our in the outside lobby area of the ballroom---it was beautiful!
  3. Hi Everyone, I know I haven't posted my review (crazy work schedule) but here are some pictures from elizabeth Medina at Dreams Tulum for my wedding! Check them out to see how beautiful the location is! We are the Chris and Angela Wedding on the blog Elizabeth Medina Photography
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 This is a question for any past brides that got there make up done at the spa....do you know what brand of make up they use? I am not a make up person, but I do want to look flawless on my wedding day! I was thinking about going to the MAC counter at Macys to look at stuff. Do girls think it would be better to bring down my own make up for them to use or just use their stuff. I'm scared of getting a bad reaction on my wedding day they do great makeup---get Trinidad. before we left i went to sephora and bought my own foundation, bronzer and lipstick so I could touch up. Everything else I think you could use their makeup.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich If the airline won't allow me to hang my dress in a closet and I end up having to fold it up and put in in a suitcase....how good is the resort at steaming out the wrinkles? Any problems? Hi Amy, I didn't get to hang it up---if you go to the back of the plane---there is a small overhead compartment that can fit only a wedding dress in it, ask if you can go in early to get that bin. That is what i did and i had no problems. The steaming at the hotel is great---i relied on it a lot! and it was perfect.
  6. Hi Ladies, I am planning on writing my review this weekend---I promise! I have just not had time yet but I didn't forget!!! Although not sure if I will have a lot of pics uploaded but will try to figure it out
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by angie_tx hey guys, just wanted to know from those of you ladies who used dj mannie, if you've wired the money to his provided bank and how did that go? we wired the deposit and paid the rest by check on the day of the wedding. hope this helps!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride Ok ladies, honest opinions needed here. I love my shoes and my mom just said that she didn't want to hurt my feelings but she HATED the shoes with the dress.. she loves the shoes, but not WITH the dress. I wanted heels, (I can wear heels to dump the garbage) but I didn't want to sink in the sand so I thought the espadrilles would be a great option. I plan on changing into jeweled flats for the reception. What do you think of the the wedding shoes? sidenote: are you at pronovias in your picture? I got my wedding dress there and the inside looks like it
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by snicker_doodle53 Hi everyone, first-time post in this tread! Getting married January 20th (2 weeks!) and can't wait! I have a question that the new brides may be able to answer... I went with the free package and sent my wedding coordinator the wedding form stating which bouquets and boutonnieres we wanted (based on the pamphlet), but after looking at your pictures, there seems to be MUCH MORE available than the ones shown on the pamphlet. Is this something that we can discuss with the wedding coordinator when we get there, or should we let her know in advance that we will probably want to change the flowers to more tropical-looking ones? Once you arrive at the hotel they are going to coordinate a time to meet with you and they are going to go through each thing one by one with you at that time. If you want, you can change it. You can also send an email so you can say you sent it before you arrived. Anabel was our coordinator and she was wonderful.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Mccrary We are looking at October 15th now instead of the beginning of the month. I dont think you would still be in the area at the time? Not sure. We have been looking a photographers but they are also so expensive but we have not been very impressed with the photos from the resort photographer. The photographers are expensive, but it depends on how important you think the pictures are overall. We took the plunge with spending a lot on a photographer but we talked about it for a while. To us, it was more important to have wonderful pictures.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jaynreneewed Does Dreams offer center pieces to choose from? I know a lot of people bring thier own, but i was wondering if they offer anything. If so do you have to pay extra? the centerpieces are usually $65 or more per centerpiece. That is why people bring their own, it is cheaper than the flower centerpieces.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc hi. does the basic wedding setup (chairs, table, walkway) include the thing we stand under? or is that an additional cost? has anyone asked about floating candles in the pool for the reception? has anyone gone to the Sam's Club in Playa del Carmen to get supplies (tiki torches, etc)? The thing you stand under is included, no additional cost unless you have the free package. you might not want to buy too much because that is more things you have to get rid of after the wedding. playa del carmen is about 30 minutes away--so not too bad. if you are getting big items like tiki torches you should probably rent a van from the hotel.
  13. Just a quick note, we had a situation with the Spa at Dreams Tulum, Alejandro took my reservation via phone for me and my husband for the last night we were there for us to get our massages. Unfortunately he never put it into the computer and when we arrived, they didn't have our reservations and they had no availablity :-( Beware of who you speak to when you book your spa treatments.
  14. Okay Heidi's starfish is officially on its way to the next person in line It was fun having it!
  15. angruck

    December 2009 Brides!

    Quote: Originally Posted by autjo Congrats to everyone who is already married and I am sooo excited for you Nadine! Our wedding was awesome. A little cloudy, but nice and comfy for our guests. And after we jumped in the pool at the end of the reception it started pouring. Sounds like the December weddings were full of good luck! Congrats Autumn! Yes it sounds like December is the perfect month to get married!!! It was the best time, it was mostly us and our friends dancing at the reception but we had a wonderful time! I am so happy we did the wedding in Mexico and I am also glad we decided not to do an AHR because all the stress is gone