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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by NaM WOOT that's my wedding You look SO pretty!!!! Where did you get that frame and you poured the sand in..... that's so perfect! Also, where did you get your bridesmaid dresses? I love them... very beachy!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lyeung830 Hi, Here is Fernando's pricing...seems very reasonable. HAIR & MAKEUP TRIAL $180 usd HAIR & MAKEUP DAY OF THE EVENT $280 usd PARTY PEOPLE HAIR ONLY $45 up to $70 MAKEUP ONLY $80 Best of luck! I still haven't decided on who to book yet! -Laurena He quoted me HAIR & MAKEUP TRIAL $180 usd HAIR & MAKEUP DAY OF THE EVENT $330 usd I'm getting married in May so maybe it's more then. Maybe he'll give it to me for $280 since my hotel is charging me 10% of the total for "business displacement".... so stupid!!!
  3. Where did you get the $378 per person for the Grand Velas? Did you use a travel agent for that? I found it SO much cheaper to get a quote directly from the hotel. I did a site visit at Grand Velas and Azul Sensaotri.... I can't say enough great things about the Grand Velas. Its the best resort I've ever stayed in.... It's amazing!!
  4. I know exactly how you feel! I was in your boat last spring so I decided to take a trip to mexico to figure it out.... after awhile all the pictures look the same! I can only comment on two of the resorts but I think your lists looks really good. I went the end of June for a site visit and stayed at Grand Velas and Azul Sensatori (also stayed one night at Hacienda Tres Rios). I have to say that I was blown away by the Grand Velas.... it's the most amazing place I've ever stayed at. I felt like royalty there. I thought Azul Sensatori was nice but Grand Velas is in a class of its own. I even went back there a second time to show my fiances parents. It's more expensive than some of the others but if you deal directly with the hotel and don't go with a travel agent then the prices are a lot better (at least that was my experience, but I'm sure different TA are different). They have been awesome to work with and I love the wedding coordinator, she makes me feel like I'm the only bride. Anyways, send me a PM if you want to see pictures.
  5. I'm getting married there mext May 2010 but I've been there twice since it opened and its awesome! I can't say enough great things... you should check out Tripadvisor. Also, I love the wedding coordinator, Tatiana.
  6. Hi! Has anyone heard of DJ Gilberto? This is the DJ that my hotel is requiring me to use. Any info. would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. I love the idea of AI (as long as you pick a place that has good food and drinks).People pay up front for their vacation and know exactly what they are spending going into the trip instead of being worried about running up a tab at the pool bar one afternoon. Also, mexico is so laid back, you can just leave your room for a day with no money and not worry about a thing. The only thing is you have to pick one that's nice to make sure the food is good. On a site visit you can sample the food. I just went on a site visit at Azul Sensatori and the food was so good but not so much at Iberostar Quetal. I think Cieba del mar looks awesome. Just my opinion on AI. Good luck planning
  8. Hi, I just got back from a site visit at Azul Sensatori. I'll post a longer review later but I wanted to let everyone know that the resort is very beautiful and the food is SO good!! I didn't get to eat very much since I was there only one night but what I did have was amazing!! I also loved the spa... I did the water journey (which was only $45) and it was awesome... I think it would be great to do with your bridesmaids! One thing I wanted to let everyone know is that the beach as SO windy at night! During the day it was beautiful but at night I couldn't even have a conversation because I felt like I was being blown over. Maybe it was just a random night (the weather was really weird when I was there) but I just wanted to let you guys know. I loved the sky deck for the ceremony and the gazebo for the reception.... very pretty!! Zocalo resturant patio is also a perfect place for a reception. There wasn't much going on at night but I went to bed earlier because I was so exhausted so maybe it picked up later at night. All the staff was so sweet.... tipping a few dollars really made their nights. Overall, the resort is amazing! You guys are going to have a great wedding!!!
  9. Hi, I'm planning on getting married next year in Playa and wanted a beach reception but the wedding coordinator said it's really windy on the beach and should probably rent a tent. I'm having appr. 100 people and wondering if anyone knew a rough price estimate. (I heard $1000 then someone else said $5000... yikes!!!). I asked the wedding coordinator to talk to her vendors but haven't heard back
  10. Does anyone know how or who to contact to set-up at site visit? I'm staying at Azul Sensatori in a few weeks for one night to check out the place and want to meet with the wedding coordinator. I'll take lots of pics!
  11. I'm doing a site visit here in 2 weeks.... I'm so excited!! I'm also looking into Grand Velas and Azul Sensatori!
  12. thank you so much! I'm doing a site visit to Grand Velas and a few other resorts in a few weeks... I'm so excited!! I heard it was so beautiful but I'm afraid it may be too expensive for some of our guests
  13. Does anyone if Azul Sensatori uses the photographers listed on Lomas Travel (Caribe photo, Royale Photo, Claudia photo, Mexican wedding photo)? If so, did you like them? I used to be able to find this info on Karisma website but they changed their webpage and can no longer find it. Also, has anyone used the DJ that comes with Azul? On there webpage it says $1300 for 4 sets while lomas travel says $1500.
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