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  1. Where are you guys finding the deals on Zoetry? We are booking soon for our honeymoon so I wanted to see what you guys found... Thank you!
  2. This is the frontrunner for our honeymoon so far... It looks amazing. I have heard good things on the TripAdvisor board. If I have any other updates I will post here!
  3. sdbtrflygrl

    Any San Diego Brides

    I finally booked a photographer! Phil Paik Studios...they are awesome and only $2,000 so I am excited! phil paik studios | san diego wedding photography | 858.436.6003
  4. AWESOME! I am so excited. I want to hear everything...food...pools...beach...rooms! Have an amazing trip...sooooo jealous!
  5. Ayita I am not sure either about the layout...my TA says it makes sense when you are there...maybye the adult section is just so far away the kids don't want to walk that far haha!
  6. Mysti congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back...I totally want to see your pictures! Congratulations!
  7. Cool! Thank you for the update. From what I understand it is so big because half is family and half is adults only so it is spread out to keep the adults only separate...that is what they say at least. I am happy someone has seen it and it actually exists!
  8. Anyone know anything about this resort? Our TA is recommending it for our honeymoon...it looks expensive only she says it is amazing... Just wanted to see if anyone else is considering it...
  9. Thank you SO MUCH for this thread ladies...I just found my dress and it was wayyyy over budget so I am excited to get such a beautiful veil at a reasonable price! Thank you!
  10. sdbtrflygrl

    Any San Diego Brides

    I looked through those...thank you...
  11. sdbtrflygrl

    Any San Diego Brides

    We found a great planner and are starting to get things in order. Does anyone know what a normal rate is for a photographer in San Diego? I love photography only our budget is limited so we can't spend what it seems like most of the good ones charge... Thank you!
  12. FYI...09 room pricing seems to be cheaper through the resort itself than through my TA. The all inclusive pricing is about $100 less through the resort!
  13. sdbtrflygrl

    Any San Diego Brides

    We have a location and church picked out...I am really looking for a good wedding planner... Also any suggestions on DJ's or photographers... Thank you!
  14. San Diego is now our backup plan... Any San Diego brides on here?
  15. Lolo where did you find your dress online? I have been looking for an online retailer that sells them for discount prices...