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  1. Thank you so much for the advice and recommendations. . . . . . WOW! We have everything moving slowly at this point and it is so hard to believe that we are now five months away! It doesn't even seem real yet. I am absolutely going to make sure that people stock up on alcohol and wine (for me). It's good to know that you can get these types of things are the dock. I know that our families will be interested in that too. I appreciate the photographer recommendations, but it all worked out for me. I won a free wedding photography contest in which I pay for travel and I get the entire weekend shot for free, among some other things. So I am feeling very fortunate and lucky right now. My travel agent is the greatest person on earth btw!!! As of now, we have 31 confirmed guests. Unbelievable. I am so excited this. Thank you to all.
  2. When I was looking for places to get married in Belize (and trust me I did a massive amount of research), I found that as far as all inclusive and the best ratings go, Victoria House was the pick. Even though I decided not to get married in Belize, when visiting there, I will def. plan a few nights stay at Victoria House!! They seem very consistent as far as food, service, etc. Good luck and Congratulations!!
  3. Jo&Daz 20-10-2010 I thought I would be the only Fiji bride on here, so excited that you found me. We looked long and hard for a place that would accommodate all of our guests, but was still a reasonable price, and we thought Castaway Island Resort was our best choice. It is relatively close to the main island, but still has to be reached by a ferry boat. Everything is included except for alcohol. We wanted something very private and island seclusive, and what a dream come true - we are the only thing on the island. I am using a travel agent out of Las Vegas, who is wonderful (the name of the place is Journey Pacific, for those who may have struggled with finding travel agent help for quotes in Fiji) - I know I did. We finally got everything booked and accommodation is being held for us. Invitations went out on Monday and I believe we will try to send out a "Reminder" of the date (instead of a STD) in about three months. It's funny how things work so backwards (and anything goes) with destination weddings. We will have a Fijian choir at our ceremony and the local resort band at the reception. They recommended an ipod for after dinner, but we have not quite decided on that yet. The more simple, the better. Haven't worked out all the details just yet, but they are able to make the cake that I want, which is a bonus. Hopefully we will be able to find more Fiji Brides, IM SO EXCITED. My only struggle is with photographers, b/c I do not want to use a local and it costs a fortune to fly people in. I found a guy in Australia who I LOVE, but not sure if I will be able to afford. Let me know if you'd like his name! Cheers.
  4. I have leftover bottles, sand, corks, and seashells available if anyone is planning doing message in a bottle invite or STD's for their destination wedding!! I know that I had to order alot of them, so I figured I would try to help someone out that only needed a small number of them. Please contact if I can be of any help!
  5. I am getting married in Fiji next May, got my wedding invitations out yesterday. Hip Hip Hooray! I am so incredibly excited. I have decided that I do not want to use a local photographer, b/c there are only about 3 well known photographers in the islands. Flying someone in is extremely expensive, so I wanted to see if anyone knew of an amateur destination photographer that is interested in a vacation and getting some new and exciting work added to their portfolio. I would be willing to pay them for their services and pay for 1/2 of their travel fees (for a two/three night stay). Congratulations to everyone here, and much thanks.
  6. Thank you Nicole, I really appreciate it! Problem is: I want to have our wedding there (May 2010) and they do not want to honor the promotions that they have right now, so I am going to have to hold out until they release there prices for 2010? When are you going? Please keep me updated on what you think (and holding a wedding there)? Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding.
  7. I appreciate your feedback, I'm very interested in what you wedding plans are? What sort of plans do you have for you ceremony and reception? and will you be having a band, etc? Just wanted to see if there were options as far as vendors are in Belize and in the area of Ambergris. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing from you!
  8. Thank you guys, I know that the property is fairly new and I totally agree, it looks amazing. Very intimate and beautiful property. If you hear anything good or bad, please send me a message, I would love to hear what everyone has to say! Thank you again.
  9. Greetings everyone and congratulations to all! I am still fairly new to this forum. My initial planning involved finding a Caribbean location for our destination wedding, but I have more recently found a place in the Riviera Maya, called Zoetry Paraiso de La Bonita Riviera Maya. Just wanted to see if anyone has heard or knows anything of the resort during their planning process and might have something (hopefully good) or bad to comment about. Happy St. Patricks Day and thanks for the help! Cheers: Elizabeth
  10. TdMitchell, I have been looking all over the place for a destination as well, but haven't narrowed it down like you have, so you are on the right track. Two places that I found where you don't have to be married on the beach and have gotten great reviews from what I can see, are The Caves (in Jamaica) and The Rockhouse (in Jamaica) - not sure if they have AI available. Don't know if that helps, but I tried. congratulations.
  11. Oh man, jealous. I had been looking at Cayo Espante wishing I might be able to have my wedding there, but felt awful that my guests might have to pay that much to stay there. How many guests are coming and are they staying on the island? I see that you mentioned you were staying in San Pedro (where are you staying if you don;t mind me asking)? and how many nights are you staying on Cayo Espante; I often wondered if you could reserve the island for only one day or if you could hold a wedding on the island with guests that aren't staying there? Any information would help and I'm very excited for you - best of wishes
  12. When I first got engaged in December I thought 100% I wanted to have my wedding in Belize, but was so unsure of the resorts and places there, b/c it is so underdeveloped. Mostly my concern was - it might not go smoothly. I would love to here from people who have wed there or are planning to wed there and how their process went or has gone thus far. What are the names of the places that you would highly recommend. I welcome anyone who has comments. Thank you!
  13. Congrats to everyone! I am dealing with the exact same stuff, it's nice to know others can relate to the frustration. We are planning on getting married in May 2010 and I can't seem to find the perfect place. Do any of you have a wedding coordinator/destination travel agent that you are using and highly recommend? I am having troubles finding a "reliable" agent to help me get rid of the stress.
  14. Does anyone know of a GREAT place that will do your wedding travel plans for you, as well as all of your planning (as in, working with the resort coordinator)? I'm in need of someone who is attentive and comes highly recommended. I'm okay with a fee being involved as long as I know it will be worth it. Thank you!
  15. I am having the worst of luck, first of all with finding someone to help me track down the perfect tropical beach wedding location. I'm totally open to ideas, hit me with your best shot: Nowhere in the US and no Pacific Ocean. If anyone can share their perfect wedding destination story (and resort/villa/hotel) experience with, I welcome all.
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