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  1. I had some younger children at my AHR. I'm not sure if this counts as a favor, but I made them a coloring/activity book from things I found on this forum and the Internet. It was about 12 pages long. It included facts about Jamaica (where we got married), coloring, word search, image search, etc. I gave them a pack of 4 crayons (from Oriental Trading) and temporary tatoos. I put the crayons and tattos in a small sand bucket (from Oriental trading as well). The kids seemed to really enjoy them, and the parents appreciate it. Actually more than one of this kids came up to me to show off thier tattoos. Â
  2. I don't want to freak anyone out, becuase I think we are definitely the exception not the norm. But, it took us a year to get the official certificate. It took dozens of emails to RMB and Riu in general to finally get it sent to us. We weren't too worried as I wasn't planning on changing my name, and his company let him put me on his insurance without any documentation. And, thankfully, we had no other need for the official certificate.
  3. I had 24 people at our wedding and I did not bother. Everyone was able to work it out very easily from what I was told. After we arrived at the reception the photographers "borrowed" us for a couple of sunset pictures. But, our parents told us that it was no big deal. Everyone just grabbed seats. I wouldn't worry about it. But, if you feel you really need to, I would try a DIY project. I used sand dollars as placecards for my AHR and people throught they were really cute.
  4. I agree...don't get too worried about the weather forecast. The four days before my wedding it rained at 2pm everyday like clockwork. On the day of my wedding, which was at 2pm, it was beautiful - not a storm cloud in the sky. For my beach reception, it started to drizzle when we first started to eat. We just ignored it and it passed very quickly. There was not even any talk of what we would do. The team working the reception just kept going like it was nothing, and it was.
  5. I would agree with the others about not buying a band that is too large. It will become annoying and given it is a eternity band the diamonds will begin to rub at your skin as the band moves. Have you checked with a logal jewelry store about getting something custom made? It might not be as expensive as you might think.
  6. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  7. I got married at RMB, and I would advise the same. I took everything I wanted with me from the reception - with some help from friends. I wish I had done the same following the ceremony. They lost my extra sand for the sand reception, which I needed to finish filling my frame. I had to finish the fill process with sand that nearly matched. So, I would add anything that is not being transferred from the ceremony to the reception also be taken with a friend or family member.
  8. We opted to do ours on the resort, and at the Rose Hall (the main buffet - no reservations needed). With some help from some of the waiters, we pushed tables together and were able to sit as one large group. But, ours was not really a rehersal dinner, since there was no rehersal. We called ours a welcome dinner - it seemed to fit better. We tipped the waiter for his help.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton Next up the "Book Thief"! I read the Book Thief awhile ago. The writing style is unique, but the story line is really good. I really enjoyed the book.
  10. My DH just got me a new laptop for Christmas - it is an Asus. I never heard of it before, but he did his research before buying it, and I did some after getting it. It is really well written up. And, from what I have been told from 2 IT people the company makes a lot of the parts other laptops use. I've been really happy with it.
  11. I'm glad I found this link. I'm 36 and my DH is 38. We plan to start trying in March/April. I wanted to take a really big/unique honeymoon before trying but we had to delay in until then to save some money after the wedding. While I'm considered "high risk" not only because of my age but also becuase I have Graves disease (hyperthyroidism), which is controlled right now without medication, a pregnancy can cause significant issues. But I changed to an OB/GYN that routinely handles higher risk pregnancies and she did not even blink at my getting pregnant. She just told me to come off BC whenever I was ready and to come see her when I am pregnant. She also (not surprisingly) advised that I take a multi-vitamin in the meantime.
  12. I agree with Geralyn and Maureen. The major glitch I had was with the spa as well. There were two weddings double booked for the same time slots. And there were only two people to do hair, manicures, pedicures and make-up. There were four people that needed services with my wedding at 2pm and something like 6 people with the 4pm wedding. And, they made me wait while they worked on the 4pm wedding. And, both me and the other bride had booked in advance and had confirmations. So, I want to caution that even pre-booking isn't a gaurantee. You may want to call down there and communicate with the team at the specific location - in addition to booking in advance. I unfortunately hated how they did my hair (it was nothing like what I asked for and was exactly what I told them I did not want) and I was extremely rushed to get ready for my wedding since I had to spend nearly an hour fixing what they had done. It took an hour becuase my MOH and I are horrible with hair.
  13. I have yet to receive my certificate from the website or from the resort, and we got married on June 19th! This is a little frustrating.
  14. Too cute!!!! I'm sure you will love it when you receive it. I also had our cake topper made by Mudcards. Her work is beautiful. It is making a wonderful keepsake, particularly given how personal it is. Everyone loved our caketopper.
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