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  1. Your dress is wonderful!! If you don't mind me asking-- who makes it! I was thinking of a dress with straps but your dress is making me reconsider!
  2. I don't think you can use drysol on your face but double-check with the dermatologist. They say botox stops sweating so maybe you can do that on your upper lip (plus get added wrinkle protection)! Don't know if they recommend using it there but it's worth checking into.
  3. Hi Kathy, I was trying on dresses & asked the consultant the same thing-- she also recommended baby powder but didn't specifically say "cake it on". I've heard many times that if you are getting really hot to go to a sink & run cold water over your wrists & forearms if possible. That is supposed to cool your body down quickly-- you could just sneak into the bathroom for a make-up "touch up" & a "cool down" for you. Also, there are some stronger anti-persperants out there-- one is over-the-counter called drysol. You apply it at night and can use it on your underarms,
  4. Hey Desiree, Your dress is stunning. My thoughts are that a french bustle b/c of the design of the back of your dress with the tie-back torso. I think that having the american bustle would be a "upward" point and when you already have a "downward" point w/the way the tie-back looks. With a french bustle I think that b/c it is tucked under it will give you a different look instead of two pointy angles. I hope my description is making sense. Good luck!
  5. I'm from Michigan and never seen a "dollar dance". I would not want to do a "dollar dance" nor would I want to participate in it at someone else's wedding. Of course, if this is something expected or normal for your area then go for it.
  6. You always find a way to make me smile! That cake topper is soo cute! Good luck with your wedding on the 15th!
  7. I have another TTD question-- I know it may sound out of place but has anyone done the TTD session before the wedding (perhaps a few days earlier at the destination location)? I was anti-TTD but then I saw so many wonderful pictures on BDW! I just don't know if logistically we will be able to do the shoot the day after the wedding. Would it be too weird to do it before? Just wondering what others think. Thanks!
  8. What great ideas! I was thinking no programs but now I'm definitely changing my mind! Thanks!
  9. My 93 year old grandmother is planning on coming to my brother's wedding in Hawaii this April. There was concern about how well she's going to handle the long flight but we cleared it with her cardiologist. As for who is going to help her-- my aunt & uncle are also supposed to be going the wedding and she is going to fly out with them. At the wedding she'll have an adjoining room with my aunt & uncle. As for while we are in Hawaii, that hasn't been worked out yet. She's walking & determined but can't always keep up. As for my DW-- we haven't even talked with her about it. Waiting t
  10. That's really cool! I think it would look great blinged out but the other way would work & guests won't know what your original plan was. Can you take a picture of the layout you'd use if you don't cover the whole thing? Good luck!
  11. Hi, Do any of you have a contact for an inexpensive florist. My brother's rehearsal dinner may need centerpieces and since my mom & I aren't from Hawaii we're not sure where to look. Any names, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hey Simistar, How was the quality of the one you ordered? That's a great website!
  13. We were thinking of having friends stay with us (not family). Not enough room for the family and we thought we'd probably feel more comfortable shacking up with friends after the big night. Thoughts?
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