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  1. If you like peace and quiet, Treasure Beach is perfect for you! My husband and I spent the last 2 nights of our honeymoon in Treasure Beach so that we could tour YS Falls and the Appleton Rum Factory, and we absolutely loved it. It's very very different from Negril - there aren't many people, almost no hustlers, you feel safe, less restaurants but good quality, and a better feel for true Jamaica. We got a ride from Negril to Treasure Beach for about $120 for the both of us. We stayed at a place called Taino Cove (Taino Cove - Discover the Hidden Treasure!) and it was lovely. We had the e
  2. While I didn't use any outside planners for my wedding (why take away all the fun?), I do know that Ari is active on the negril.com forum - I've read several posts by her and she seems to know her stuff. Negril.com Message Board >> Wedding Article Negril.com Message Board >> Negril Message Board Off topic, but she's also got some good insight on Americans living in Jamaica.
  3. DJ: I'm not really sure how well I can review this, since we brought our music on an iPod and CDs - we just needed his equipment and for him to introduce us. There was one point where he deviated from the playlist and started doing Elvis re-mixes, but I only needed to give my husband a look and he went to tell the DJ to stick to the list. I must add that the pre-ceremony and cocktail hour music that was provided by the DJ wasn't bad, and they extended the party about an hour past the normal quitting time (no charge) because we were having such a good time, which was very sweet. TTD Photo
  4. Photography: We had Stacey Clarke as our photographer. She was incredibly friendly - when she arrived in my room, I stuck out my hand for a handshake, but she gave me a big hug instead. Cute! One of our good friends (and groomsman) is also a professional photographer, and he was impressed with her technique. She took awesome pics, did a great job corralling our family together for all the required group shots, made excellent use of the setting sun, and took some of the best reception pics I have ever seen. We got the CDs (2 copies) in the mail about 2 months after the wedding. Really, her work
  5. Reception: The reception was also awesome! (I really feel like I'm getting full use of the word awesome) I had brought down the chair sashes, table runners, paper lanterns, table numbers and menus, starfish placecards, blumeboxes, and supplies for the guestbook table and the memorial table. Natasha and I discussed the setup for everything when we met on Thursday, and everything was set up the way we had discussed. It's tough to describe, so you'll have to wait for my pictures post, but it all looked pretty magical. While we took picutres, the guests filled out their guestbook page and helped t
  6. Wedding Location/Setup: It was absolutely gorgeous. The Negril Escape staff started early, collecting flowers from the aisle from around the resort. Yes, you heard (read) me right. The vibrant blooms that paved my path came fresh from the resort on the wedding day. They also used flowers from around the resort to decorate the arch. Words can't describe how happy I was to see them. They also started setting up the potted plants pretty early. Like I said earlier, it did rain before the ceremony, but they had everything set up perfectly in time. The pink and orange chair sashes popped against the
  7. Resort: Negril Escape Resort and Spa # Guests: 33 adults (plus the two of us) Image Credits: Stacey Clarke Photography; Joshua Albanese Photography; guest photos Travel Agent: Debbie Chapman (All About Honeymoons) I gotta break this down into two parts 1)Debbie Chapman herself and 2) Divine Tours in Jamaica. Debbie was awesome - super friendly, very organized, on top of the communications, pretty much everything you'd want in a travel agent. In fact, when Divine Tours put an extra charge on my sister's card that bumped her into overdraft, Debbie cut her a personal check until th
  8. We thought Stacey was awesome! Here is our slideshow: Ben & Rachel
  9. Was browsing their site looking for a fall/winter purse and stumbled upon the Juicy Couture jewelry that's 25% off - check it out! Juicy Couture 'Wish' Necklace - View All - Nordstrom Juicy Couture 'Wish' Necklace - View All - Nordstrom Juicy Couture 'Palm Tree' Stud Earrings - View All - Nordstrom Juicy Couture Starfish Stud Earrings - View All - Nordstrom Juicy Couture 'Wish' Necklace - View All - Nordstrom
  10. When planning my wedding, I did a lot of research on Negril.com - Negril Jamaica and Ari is pretty active on the Negril message boards. Although we didn't use a planner ourselves, from what I've seen on the board, she seems to know her stuff.
  11. Most places do accept the American dollar, but it's good to have some Jamaican money, just in case. We needed it when we stopped at a roadside stand on our way to Treasure Beach, on the south coast of Jamaica. Plus, it's a good idea to know the conversion rate in case you are quoted a price in Jamaican dollars. I used this website Negril.com - Negril Jamaica when planning my wedding because they gave the daily exchange rate at the Hi-Lo grocery store in Negril. It came in pretty handy, imo.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by alkoch I absolutely LOVE your dress, where is it from?? I've tried to find a picture online, but haven't had any luck. It's an Essence of Australia dress that I purchased at Bliss Boutique in Brownsburg, a suburb of Indianapolis. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG I decided Josh is pretty darn talented. Gonna contact him. Maybe he has a BDW discount?! I gave him the link of this review yesterday, and he was so excited! Talked to him on the phone last night, and I'm pretty sure he's planning to join BDW as a vendor and will most certainly b
  13. Thank you! My husband just informed me that I spelled the link wrong and insists that I post a correction - Trash the Dress! Jamaica Style Joshua Albanese Photography
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