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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Josie1073 Hi Jamaica0510! Another Negril bride You will have to share pics when you get back. Are you staying at the same resort for the whole trip? We are doing Sandals Negril for one week for the wedding, and then when our friends leave, we are transferring over to the Sandals Whitehouse for a honeymoon week. How did you arrange an off premise ceremony? Was it difficult? There are a lot of us from PA! I live right outside Philly in Delaware County...Don't know Lancaster very well, except for the outlets! Rachel Sorry I haven't been on here
  2. I recently got married in Jamaica, May 4 2010. We stayed at Sandals Negril but got married off resort. I am so glad we did! It was much more private and I wasn't rushed through anything. We also got to have a later sunset wedding. The wedding I had contacted was Dawn Sherman. She did a great job and made everything the way I wanted it. She also came to the resort the day after we got there and went over everything with us. I was able to have my father walk me down the isle and our son was the ring bearer. The pictures came out wonderful and we got some awesome sunset pics. If you are ge
  3. We are going to Sandals Negril in May. We are having our wedding off resort through a WC in Jamaica. After all the extra expenses for the "free" wedding at Sandals it wasn't much more to do it off resort. And we think it is much more personalized for us. We are also getting a true sunset wedding.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Josie1073 I am getting married at Sandals Negril and we have 2 singles coming, the MOH and the BM. They are going to share a room just to save on costs even though they have only just met each other! We considered Beaches for them, as it is right next to the Sandals, but then they would only be allowed one day pass to join us for the wedding, and the other 4 days they are in Jamaica, they would have to stay on the Beaches property, or we would have to meet them off the resorts. We wanted both of them to enjoy time with us through the week, not just the day of
  5. We are going to Sandals Negril in May for our wedding. I have a few concerns I am hoping someone can help me with. Originally my brother and sister in law were coming also and staying at Sandals. Things have since changed as they split up. So now he is coming but not her. He is staying at a cheaper hotel on the cliffs in Negril and bringing a friend. 1. I had already booked a canopy tour for my brother and sister in law for when we are going on the tour also. Can he get a day pass and him and his friend still go on the tour? 2. Can he purchase day passes for all the days to
  6. Not sure how much I can help, we are getting married at Sandals Negril. They are a bit higher than other resorts but it seems like you get more and we have heard they are very nice resorts. Since it is a couples resort so that is how they charge their rooms, based on two ppl staying and one person in a room has to pay the same amount. I never looked into same sex friends staying there since we have a very small number of ppl coming along. We do have some guests going single and a child. They are staying at Beaches Negril a few minutes away. We are also using a wedding plan
  7. Well, after everything I have read and looking into other resorts, we are sticking with what we booked. It is getting close now and we are trying to finish up taking care of everything. Only 71 days!
  8. I didn't think about tipping the WC. We are getting married off resort and have a wedding planner handling everything. Should I be tipper her, and how much? We are getting married at half moon beach in Negril. Do I tip the photographer which is included in her package?
  9. I don't know if you have looked into Jamaica but that is where we are going. We wanted to go to a Sandals and chose the one in Negril for the reason of children. There is a Beaches on the same seven mile beach, actually there are two. We were originally looking at the Sandals in the Bahamas but the Beaches close by is what changed our minds.
  10. We are also having a small number of guests, 8 and us. We chose Sandals Negril because of the close proximity of Beaches. We will have one child at the wedding. Also we liked the beach and the couples only for where we are staying. We were originally looking at the Sandals in the Bahamas. Sandals is more expensive than some but this is only happening once, the wedding, and it does include a lot.
  11. As far as I have seen they only allow their photographers. I have heard of ppl getting around this by having a photographer stay as a guest at the resort. Because of this, the expenses for all the extras, and the one per hour wedding, and the limited times, we went with a wedding planner off resort.
  12. We are only having 8 guests at the wedding so we are having a small reception after with champagne, appetizers, and the cake. Then we are all going out to one of the resturants at the resort. We are getting married off the resort also. We are having an AHR also the week after we return.
  13. Thank for the very helpful info chckadee024. I may look into staying there a couple nights also.
  14. We are staying at Sandals Negril also, we picked this resort because Beaches Negril is close by. We have a son and so that was not an option to have no kids since we want him in our wedding. Also there are a couple ppl coming as singles so they are staying there also. My Fiancé's Mom is staying with our son at Beaches. We were originally getting married at Sandals and were wondering also about what to do since our son can only be there for the ceremony and reception. Then I did some research and went with a wedding planner off the resort. We are only paying a little more than we would h
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