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  1. Hi Has anyone used Ari, wedding planner at Negril & Jamaica Weddings.com ? I'm thinking of using her make up artist and hair stylist Stacey, has anyone else on here used her ? Thanks Tink
  2. Congratulations, glad you had a great time. I'm also getting married at RPTB on the 1st December 2008 !! Siyoung1005 can I ask which make up artist you are using ? Tink
  3. Hi I ordered my dress back in April and I am still to find someone else who has the same dress as me. My dress is Eva by Constantina. Also would love your opinions would you wear a veil with this dress, I love the cathedral length veils unsure if this would be too much ? x
  4. Hi I'm getting maried at Riu Tropical Bay on 01/12/09, anyone else getting married at RTB on this day ? Tink x
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