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  1. How did you find this resort? Its beautiful! Have you seen a wedding that was done there? Sorry for the million questions but my FI and I are considering changing destinations and I am just trying to get some ideas on where else we could go!
  2. I am also having a Non Resort wedding! We are getting married at the Llantrisant Villa. So excited!!! I was going to do a lot of the planning on my own but decided to save myself the stress and hire a wedding planner and we are so happy that we did!!
  3. Hey chan porty not sure if you found your answer yet but we were going to get married there next summer everything is booked separately. They told us that our guests just had to email or call them and tell them what party they were with and then they would be booked that way! Hope that helps!
  4. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there are any other brides out there that are getting married or were married at Llantrissant?
  5. I am from Fort McMurray, we recently moved here and we are getting married in Negril, Jamaica May 2011!
  6. We are thinking of doing this as well! Instead of favours we are thinking of making a small donation in each of the guests names!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by sweetiecat Hello, I haven't been there but have looked at the website. You might want to check the Negril message boards at Tripadvisor or on negril.com, as I'm sure you will at least find someone who stayed there. It does seem that they will do anything you want for a wedding at cost, which is awesome. Stephanie thanks for the idea about trip advisor!
  8. Hi Everyone! I hope that I have this in the right spot, but I am wondering if anyone has had their wedding at Llantrassant Villa? I got the name from our wedding planner but I haven't been able to find a lot of info on other brides that i have had their wedding there. I have checked out the pics that Sungold Photography put on the forum...but just hoping that someone has more info! Thanks for the help!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by solaas So my fiance and I are getting down to choosing our resort for our November 2010 wedding. We're seriously considering Coral Cove. We both want to be at a place that's smaller and more private than the larger resorts. It also has great reviews on TripAdviser and the wedding coordinator has been incredibly sweet and helpful thus far. I've only seen one or two reviews of it on here. Anyone else using them? Has anyone decided against them and wouldn't mind telling me why? Hope everyone is happily planning. Hi Solaas We were going to have our wedding at Coral Cove as well, but decided against it. I started to get a little stressed out about the fact that it is 2 hours away fromt eh airport and i think 45 minutest from Negril. I just started to get worried that a lot of our guests wouldn't want to be that far away from teh major places in Jamaica and then they would incur extra costs for travelling back and forth. Coral Cove is very beautiful and I have to say that our coordinator, Kimeashia, was very helpful and very understanding when we decided not to have our wedding there. I also found too that their prices were also less expensive then other resorts. I defentely want to go and stay there just not have the wedding there. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions I would be happy to help if I can!
  10. This is what we are going to do as well. We originally were going to get married at Coral Cove but have changed our plans...does anyone know of good sites in negril?
  11. Thank you very much Paula!!! I appreciate the info!
  12. Thank you very much Paula!!! I appreciate the info!
  13. It looks stunning! Unfortunately though we are going to be staying at another resort and the Greatview Villa requires that you stay a minimum of 4 nights with them. I am trying to find somewhere that does not require you stay with them in order to have your wedding ceremony and reception there, but I am not having any luck
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