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  1. Jackobelle, I am so sorry for your experience! I was reading this a thought that I have to make a quick comment, and then came across Ana's making a similar comment that I was going to make (but hers is much more indepth and informed). From my experience, Ana has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Cuba (she was our wonderful wedding photography in Cuba). I was going to mention that Peter was actually located in Cuba. We were actually in contact with him regarding wedding photography in Cuba. I was thinking that his situation must be a bit different than those travelling to Cub
  2. YAY!!! Congrats! I am still waiting on mine, but it has only been a little over 2 months
  3. Congrats!!! I am happy to hear that everything turned out great for you You pictures look beautiful!
  4. I think that Amarillis had a few pictures from her Cuban friend Roly (please correct me if I am wrong!). Roly lives in Varadero and is also a photographer who does weddings. I contacted him myself and considered having him do our wedding. While he is a great photographer, they lack the modern equipment in Cuba and wasn't what I was looking for. I would suggest you contact him though if you are interested. He did send me some examples of work he has done and his prices are great. There is also a professional destination wedding photographer who is now based out of Havana. Here is his websit
  5. Fantastic pictures!! You look like a natural, I love the one with the red shoes. You FI is going to be so happy
  6. I had no idea this was a Jewish tradition. I also had both parents walk me down the aisle, I wanted both of there so it was what I did. I don't think it is weird at all and I don't think anyone else will
  7. Similar with my 13 year old nephew. When we arrived in the lobby he asked if my DH wanted a beer, disappeared for a few mintutes and came back with a beer for him, no questions asked by the bartender. My step nephew and niece were also there, ages 18 and 16 and I pretty sure they snuck in a few drinks
  8. I also think that #1 flatters you better, but either way they both look great
  9. You might also want to consider bringing a power converter. If the voltage at the hotel is 220 volts you will need to bring it down to 110 volts. Many electronics now are dual voltage, they run on 110-220V (it will say on the plug cord). You can also check this link out from tripadvisor Cuba: Electricity - TripAdvisor
  10. Im thinking that the only way to be sure is to contact the resort. I was told that I didn't for our resort on another forum, but I brought one just incase and I ended up needing it - but it only worked once! Needless to say I had crazy hair for a week! They did let us recharge our batteries though in the Guest Service Center. From what I hear you don't usually need them in the newer resorts.
  11. YAY! Can't wait to see pics Congrats on finding THE dress!
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