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  1. What a great list! Thank you for sharing!
  2. DanielleB1978

    April 2009 Cancun Bride

    Congratulations MRS!
  3. DanielleB1978

    I'm New!! :O)

    Congratulations on your recent engagement! Try not to stress ~ take deep breaths and enjoy being a fiance This site has wonderful ideas and the girls all seem so helpful. I'm sure it will help your planning fall into place beautifully!
  4. DanielleB1978

    Jamaican Bride 2009

    You are so close to your big day! How exciting! My FI and I are also doing a "planned elopment". And we are having a party with family to celebrate two weeks after our trip. Happy planning!
  5. DanielleB1978


    Congratulations! I think the 13th sounds like a fun day to get married!
  6. DanielleB1978

    Hello fellow Brides!!!

    An "Old Hollywood" theme sounds so fun! I have been planning for a while already too. Found this site a while back but am now just really checking out all the wonderful information here. So many great ideas from the brides and brides-to-be Happy planning!
  7. DanielleB1978

    Honored to Be Here!

    Congratulations on that new sparkle on your left hand My original resort choice was Dreams PC. All those resorts look amazing - I can see how you are having a hard time deciding! I'm sure whichever you chose will be fabulous. Happy planning!
  8. DanielleB1978


    Congratulations on your new engagment! I have been planning for a while and finally joined this forum and am amazed how much wonderful information is here! Wish I would have joined sooner Happy planning!
  9. DanielleB1978

    Getting married Nov 2009

    Congratulations! November will be here before you know it!
  10. DanielleB1978

    Bright eyed, bushy tailed...

    Congratulations Anita! As one of the other posts said, choosing a resort and date was the toughest decision for me. But it was so fun researching all the locations and resorts. Dreams was on our short list and I still hope to vacation at one someday. Good luck in your search and happy planning!
  11. DanielleB1978

    I am new!! Getting married in Cuba

    I think Cuba is such a cool location! Congratulations!
  12. DanielleB1978


    Congratulations! I had looked into that resort when we were researching locations - it looks lovely. Happy planning!