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    Texas Brides?

    Just wanted to revive this thread! I'm a new DFW transplant, originally from Detroit. FI is from STL, and we figured everyone would have to travel one way or another- so why not travel someplace AWESOME! I'm really excited to get to know Texas in the meantime. Talk to "ya'll" later
  2. amyanddehn

    Newbie in Dallas

    Hello from yet another DFW B2B! I recently moved here (Valley Ranch) and am loving the warm weather Have fun planning and congrats!!!
  3. amyanddehn

    Dallas Bride-to-Be

    yay another DFW B2B here! And another one who lurked loooooong before my proposal Congrats Shannon and you will love BDW!
  4. amyanddehn

    New Moon Palace in Punta Cana

    Kristy, there is a huge thread of MP Mexico brides who could probably tell you more about the "free" functions. As time goes on our group is growing from 14 to 25 and beyond so I'm starting to think that is the way we are going too. Is the "free function" deal based on number of guests or number of total nights booked in your group? I've heard both. Thanks!
  5. amyanddehn

    New Moon Palace in Punta Cana

    Congrats! As far as packages go, we were told to book the complementary package for now, and when upgraded packages are decided upon by palace resorts we can upgrade then. It is my assumption that packages will be structured similarly as they are in Mexico, with maybe some alterations depending on availability in the Dominican. If anyone hears from MP about upgraded packages, let us know pls!
  6. amyanddehn

    Top Chef is coming back...

    I LOVE TOP CHEF! I'm so excited that others do too Sometimes when I am cooking (alone in the kitchen, of course) I pretend that I am doing a quick fire or something. That is weird, I know. Looks like some good characters this season!
  7. amyanddehn

    Newbie for June 2010!

    Welcome to the forum! I am also counting down to June, 2010. It is so hard to predict how many people will come. We started out thinking "just immediate family" then I sent out engagement announcements and people from my extended family want to come and now its getting a little out of control!!! Someone on BDW once said to always over-estimate because more people are looking for an excuse to take a nice vaca than you'd think Happy planning!!
  8. amyanddehn

    Sunday Weddings in DR?

    I don't know if you're a liar, Amanda, because I thought the same thing! When I reserved my day/time with Moon Palace I recall there were no Sunday options (like "black out dates"). However, it makes sense that it's for legal purposes, since the Judge wouldn't work Sundays... so if you don't mind going the Symbollic route, maybe Sundays are ok I've probably confused you more, so I'll close with recommending you check with the individual resort you are interested in Good Luck! I hope you get your date!!!
  9. amyanddehn

    Newly engaged )))

    Congrats! I'm a Punta Cana bride as well and after A TON of reseach on this AWESOME site we came to a resort-decision not too long ago. I think you have plenty of time. Happy planning!!!
  10. amyanddehn

    Hi all (newbie in town)!

    Congrats and welcome to the forum! You are getting married the day after me You are lucky to have chosen your resort already, now you can focus on the fun stuff!
  11. amyanddehn

    New Punta Cana Bride for 2010

    Congrats! I am also a PC bride. It is a beautiful place! If you want info on resorts, traditions, travel, and just about anything else, you found it here! Happy planning and nice to meet you
  12. amyanddehn

    Newbie from STL

    Welcome to the forum! My finance is from STL, well Ballwin but close by!! Happy planning!
  13. amyanddehn

    Invitations & STD's!

    I used Zazzle and LOOOOOVED the results. You can make postcards crazy cheap-- but I would check this out/post ?s in the "STD" specific area of BDW! Good luck!
  14. another June 2010 bride! Amy and Dehn- June 25,2010 Moon Palace PC
  15. I hear you for sure. We went back and forth and still are, even though we signed on for a symbollic. My feelings for symbollic are: less hassle amid alllll the other hassles, no translation, get the time you want, more romantic less legal (you can modify the script at some resorts, write own vows, etc where as legal ceremonies have to be just so), and I can't think of others right now . I just like saving a few bucks and sweat! THEN future MIL comes in and says it won't be the same, blah blah blah and got Fiance all worked up too. In the end it's the ceremony, the peope around you, and the vows of forever that make the wedding... IMO!!! Good luck!