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  1. Also, I have a very good connection that is here in Dallas who is looking to expand his portfolio for floral and destination weddings so if you guys need a good reccomendation on that let me know. Since he wants it for his portfolio he should be pretty reasonable.
  2. Hey ladies! Sounds like everyone's planning is going well. So, after some serious stress the past 2 weeks our entire wedding has been turned around. That house we were planning on getting married at this coming May that I was so excited about...yea, we had to get a refund on it so XOXO if your interested in a big house jump on that one. PM me if you want the info. To make a really long story short FI is going into the military and we just dont know exactly when we will be able to hold the wedding so we decided to put it on hold until we find out what his orders are going to be. Its ok though, I think it will work out for the best and this means not everything will be up in the air. Info on Galveston weddings- Just got back from our 2nd visit there of shopping around for different places to use...I feel like I know that town backwards and forwards now. SOO much history!! Anyone wanting information on getting married at the beach, on the beach or at hotels there just let me know and I can email it all over to you. As quick little side notes though on information I have researched until I am green in the face: you can get married on ANY beach down there that is public without any type of permit b/c it is owned by Texas. You have to follow the beach rules which means NO vendors which basically means no reception. The house we were looking at you are on a private beach but the owner has given you permission so it is allowed HOWEVER alot of homes are on septic tanks or have parking issues which really limits you. I have tons and tons more info. but just wanted to give everyone a heads up on that. P.S. Galveston has now brought in sand to fill in the beaches and even Seawall looks fantastic now!
  3. didnt see a message about the parasol...do you still have this?
  4. Never heard of it but I may be willing to take a small road trip. Thanks for the info and when I get to the point where Im ready to buy and sell more Ill get in touch with you.
  5. Hey! We originally were going to Sandals Negril but due to so many complaints we reluctantly changed it to stateside! How is your planning coming along?
  6. I will try to find a picture of the house we are using. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! We are just going to walk down to the beach for the ceremony then have the reception underneath the house where the stilts are. Prudential was great and they are letting our guests park in their lot b/c the rules for this neighborhood state only 4 cars can be there. And it sleeps both our immediate families so we are just splitting the cost between all of us which turned out to be less than 200 for each person for a week!!
  7. xoxo- I know a lot of people say that Galveston beaches aren't that nice but if you go outside the heavy traffic area you can find all kinds of pretty private beaches. What we did was we just drove around when we were there looking at different vacation homes. They usually have them posted on the house then we called and spoke to whomever was in charge of renting it out. I can tell you from my experience there that there is a lot of red tape with some homes. Once we started calling around we found out that Prudential and Century 21 and another place called Sand n Sea (I think thats the name) rents out homes also...So, we contacted them and they looked at their listings and found the ones that accomodated our immediate family and was on the beach. We then just asked the owners of the home if they minded us having the reception at their home and they said no. If you go to Sand N Sea they will tell you that you cannot get married on the beach...this is NOT true! Ive talked to the City of Galveston personally which was quite the task trying to get ahold of who is in charge of that but they told us the beach is that we are using which is Pirates Beach is a private beach and if the owner says we can then we can. They did say that we may need a sound permit if we get a dj and such. I dont know about all the other beaches but I do know that if anything you just would have to call the city and have it cleared through them. From what I understand it isnt a huge process. I would be more than happy to help you with whatever you need so just let me know if your having trouble getting the information you are looking for.
  8. I also had this idea only I wanted to use blue and pink. Simply because our colors are navy and white and hot pink. I figured all the men wear shades of blue and all the ladies wear shades of pink but see our wedding party is the exact opposite. And my hubby will be wearing either white like me or a combination of the others. My dad and my MOH says that a dress code is ridiculous and too much to ask for but I feel as though we are asking for colors that they should own anyway and it shouldnt be that big of an issue. My dad asked what I would do if someone showed up with a different color on and I told him that if I make it mandatory then Idk bc I dont want them standing out like a sore thumb. Can anyone help me with the wording on how to do this or is this just an idea I should ex out? I really want it!!
  9. I love love love your table runners!! Im thinking of making these also. Did you use a pattern or just take a guess at it? How long did you make urs? Where did you find your damask at?
  10. Just wanted to get on here and say thank you again for doing this! Jac: Really appreciate you being so helpful to all of us. So generous of you! Joseph: I always love to hear from business owners who are generally appreciative of their customers and their work. So, thank you for being one of not many who has great integrity!!
  11. Just wanted to get on here and say thank you again for doing this! Jac: Really appreciate you being so helpful to all of us. So generous of you! Joseph: I always love to hear from business owners who are generally appreciative of their customers and their work. So, thank you for being one of not many who has great integrity!!
  12. I dont know if you have tried a few of the big companies but there is one in particular who isnt extremely expensive and is the one all the pros use. Look up BB&J. I dont know if there is one near you or not but I know they have this. You can also look up other linen companies online. They usually rent then out at a decent rate. Good luck!
  13. what does the back of the jcrew look like?
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