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  1. Everything looks fantastic!
  2. Wow, I'm impressed. Everything looks fantastic.
  3. Anxiously waiting to here the rest of the review. My wedding is less than two months away so the anticipation is killing me.
  4. chicagobeachbunny

    KittenHeart's (Amy) MASSIVE Planning Thread!

    Amazing thread, one of my favs!
  5. Everything looks awesome!
  6. Eveyrthing looks beautiful, I love your flowers.
  7. chicagobeachbunny

    My OOT Bags

    Everything looks awesome!
  8. chicagobeachbunny

    Amygirl's Planning Thread YAY!!!!

    Everything looks amazing.
  9. You look amazing, congrats!
  10. chicagobeachbunny

    whic is more romantic - church or beach wedding?

    I think that it all depends on how you envision the day for yourself. We are getting married on the beach b/c that is the perfect place for us. When we think about our day we see the water, sand, and our families as one perfect unit. However, I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding a year ago and when I looked at them I could tell that in their eyes in that moment no one else was in the room. So, ultimately its about what feels right for you in your heart.
  11. Great thread, everything looks beautiful.