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  1. This is fantastic! I especially love your cake and i'm having my invites done by Sarah too!
  2. Great job!!! Where did you get the ring bowl, i love it!
  3. This is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing. I am trying to replicate your centrepieces!
  4. Congrats and thanks for sharing! We're doing la barcaza as an excursion for our guests.
  5. No, it's not that the dates aren't available, it's just too soon. Hopefully the web rates will be posted in the fall. But, i'll add that our TA was able to help us get a lower rate than the website posting, and, transfers are included too.
  6. I was not convinced about the TTD...and same, without BDW I would have never considered it! (other than seeing it listed in our photog's package). While I'm not 100% in your shoes, I agree that some are very provocative and racy. I can tell you now that ours will not be that way. My FI would NEVER go for that. You can make it what you want! I've seen some really great photos that came from TTD shoots.
  7. I'm only going to bring extra tea lights. I have one bag of shells from another BDW bride, they are okay. They aren't the shiny kind.
  8. Ladies, thanks for this info. We're going to use this instead of a rehearsal dinner type event. I'm excited! We only have 12 booked so far, but I think we will get up to the 20 person minimum soon.
  9. dawn, you made my day! i'm thrilled about the chair bows, thank you SO MUCH!! I would use the turqoise, but if you did happen to receive the oasis color, that would be even better. anyway, thanks. jersey, i think it sounds very promising, and exciting! i'm a former jersey girl myself, i miss it a lot, but my FI has a great job in NY, and we work for the same company. I'm at a point where I'm deciding what to work on next (though I'm sure there's a million things to do). My big thing to find is my FI 's suit and the GM attire. I may have to drag him kicking and screaming! The thing in my favor is that he wants to buy more suits for work anyway, so maybe we can go next weekend. This weekend we have a BBQ, unless it gets rained out.
  10. Karen, We were in that exact situation about Mexico - at first I wanted to go there, but my FMIL was "no way, no how". so that didn't happen. We felt the same hearing that DR is "less expensive", but the airfare from JFK we paid for our week is about $425/person (this is for April, and not during easter week at all). One guest is paying $2075 (for two) for six days, staying at one of the lesser expensive rooms at our resort. However, we've seen airfare as high as $600 on up! I have a referral for a TA that another BDW'er sent me to, and we're pleased so far. PM if you want her contact info. I also searched far and wide to try to find a resort with multiple price points, since for the guests, I thought the cheaper the trip, the more inclined they would be to go.
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