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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Hi girls!!! I'm back a Mrs.!!!! CAN'T even believe it, it's been bliiissssssful <3 I got back Friday @ Midnight and have so much to tell you all. I have a few days to catch up, haven't even unpacked yet, yikes! Just wanted to give you AS brides a quick little.... OMG, my day was PERRRRRFECTTTT and just like all the past AS brides are right, once you get there all your worries will be alleviated, the onsite coordinators are amazing and bend over backwards for you. I felt like royalty, they treated me unbelievably well and seriously it was a better wedding than I ever could have expected. I am soooo excited you upcoming brides!! Any questions, ask away Hey Amy... Long time since I've dropped by the site. It was great to see you have tied the knot. Your photo is beautiful and I'm so glad your day was everything you hoped for! xo Allisa
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ The only reason I ask is that the hotel completely screwed up our check in . They gave our room to friends of ours (AND it was the wrong room category all together), and all week they were getting their room decorated with rose pedals, swan towels etc. Anyways, my sister was pissed and she went to talk to someone the night of the wedding - which is how she found out they screwed up the check in. They told her that they wouldn't decorate it because it wasn't part of the package!? Just seemed weird to me. She convinced them to send a maid to the room who she had to seriously tip to do what she wanted lol. So I was just curious..... I guess I just automatically thought they would have done it?! Oh my goodness Nicole -thats awful... We were upgraded to the honeymoon suite (I think my TA pulled a few strings because I was really cheesed with the travel company before we left.... the sent us down and back on red eye flights -ugg.) We got the flowers and swan towels the whole time... champagne in the room when we arrived, a fruit basket and the first night a plate of dessert goodies arrived. Not sure what of that was part of the package vs being in the upgraded suite. Thank you ladies for our condolences. It is appreciated. I am walking around in a bit of a fog and am feeling pretty awful. It is definitely a really hard thing, and really shitty for the beginning of a marriage when everything is supposed to be perfect.... His birthday was coming up -the 29th of this month, and xmas is right behind... it is going to be a tough few months... I miss him.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ Allisa, so sorry to hear about your dad . I think its adorable that even after all you've been through lately you still thought to come check on us Glad to hear everything was great! Quick question for you... did the hotel decorate your room the night of the wedding? Actually... they didn't!? They did decorate it 2 nights later, which was rather random. We were married on weds, and on the friday when we got in the bath was drawn and there were rose petals strewn about... We never bothered to ask about it. The night of the wedding we ended up changing after the reception and went to the mojito lounge to continue on the dancing, so it wasn't a big deal. The breakfast in our room the next day was really really nice though!
  4. Hi Ladies. I am so sorry I never got back to you about our wedding -which was fantastic! Almost as soon as we got home, my Father got really ill. He went into the hospital on our one month anniversary, and on the morning of November 5th, he passed away. I was with him. I can't even begin to express how much I miss him. Needless to say, this has been a really horrible time for me and my husband. I am the only child and Mom is out of the picture. My husband was very close to my Dad as well. The honeymoon made a complete halt as soon as we got home, most unfortunately. Vance has been nothing but super supportive -and I am so glad I have him, every moment of the day. The good news is that Dad made it to my wedding. And though he was ill there too, he walked me down the aisle and he was super super proud of both me and of Vance. Our professional photos are up at: Galleries go to client login -the password is "vixen" For you ladies who's weddings are fast approaching.... The hotel is lovely, the beach was beautiful and the seaweed isn't that big a deal unless your a total wuss. The food was just fine. Zacolo -the mexican restaurant was great and so was the Siena -Italian. Didn't love Zavas terrace, but they were the kitchen that prepared our wedding dinner and it was fantastic -we had the steak and lobster tail. We totally loved Le Chique and went back for the 14 course meal on our last night (it did cost extra). Las Tapas we wouldn't bother going to again, it was a disappointment. Our room was the honeymoon suite and was gorgeous. The wedding planners on site were fantastic, we brought our own table runners, pashmina's, feather, lanterns, tea lights, mirrored tea light holders, etc.... we paid them $150 in cash and they set everything up, accommodated for the wind and we loved what they did. Don't worry about a thing once you are there... it will be great! If you have any questions just ask, or pm me. I will try to be more accessible than I have been. Big hugs to all you beautiful brides. xo Allisa
  5. Hi Ladies!!!!! First -thank you all so much for your lovely wishes on my wedding day -it was perfect! Second, sorry it has taken me so long to get back on the site.... it seems our flight home got switched to a red eye flight which got us home at 6:10am on Monday morning and we both had to fly into our work week.... I'm still a little groggy, but am trying to catch up! I will post 2 reviews -the first on the resort. The second on the wedding, and of course I will work on getting some photos up too! It may be a week long process however! I didn't read all the post since we've been gone (that would take a god day and a half!), but if any of you have pressing questions, I would be pleased to answer them. More to come!!! Oh, and Katie.... Cuba is a fantastic place, but the food is not great. My now-HUSBAND (giggle) and I were there 2 years ago and that was the main reason we didn't go back for our wedding -eating there was always a challenge! xo Allisa
  6. Ladies! I leave for the airport in 2.5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited! Just wanted to say a quick goodbye before I shut the computer down. I will be gone for two weeks, so I'll give you all the details upon my return! Thank you all for your help and support. xoxo Allisa
  7. Hi Ash, thanks for the report! So are you saying don't go for the honeymoon suite, go for the premium room? Not sure if I read that right... One of the weddings tomorrow is D&E from this forum! I'll be there by 10am sunday morning, I'd love to meet up with you if you are still there! xo Allisa
  8. Hi Ladies! Thank for the well wishes for my Dad, I appreciate it! I leave saturday, and as far as being nervous -no. Excited however, well, lets just say it's 4:40 in the morning and I am up, working on the playlist and the ceremony script! I really want to be sleeping though!!! Good news, the grooms sister is able to come, last minute, so there will be a total of 14 of us! It's going to be lovely. Katie -I hope you will be able to get the Sky Deck in the end! I completely understand though, as that is the one thing we both really wanted and we had to give it up because of $$$. If we could have had the cocktail reception up there, I think it would have been different. Chin-up! A lot of things can happen in a year, and I'm sure you'll be able to get it done in the end! xo a
  9. KittenHeart, I Love the sunset/weather calendar you just posted a link to! I got to check out the forecast while we are there, it's due to be sunny and 79 F on our wedding day. Looks like we will also get some rain and thundershowers while we are there... fun!!!! So, dad is going to be able to make the wedding, but he will be having surgery on the 16th of september -Vance & I will still be in Mexico. He won't be able to swim, or go in the hottub to avoid infection, so he plans on spending most of the week relaxing in a hammock and listening to his audio books. At least he will come home relaxed! By the way, Katie, I believe you asked me ages ago what a boudoir book is?! Sorry for the delay in reply... I had a 'sexy, boudoir style' photo shoot done as a wedding present. I also did a pin-up girl shoot and had that made into a calendar for him. If you check out some of the planning threads I know there are a lot of girls who have done the boudoir book for their FH. It is a hot trend right now in the US and Canada! Besides, when we are all 75, and not look quite so perky, it will ba a fabulous way to remember how hot we once were! i am attaching a sample of mine... I'll put more stuff in my planning thread. Here is the cover: : Here is one of the inside pages:
  10. Katie -thank you for that lovely reminder. Yes, it is true... The show will go on and it will be beautiful! My dad's girlfriend is downloading a bunch of audio books for him, so he will have things to keep him occupied while we are there!
  11. Morning Ash!!!! Very exciting! I'd love you to see what the occupancy is like right now. I am thinking of trying to get upgraded to a honeymoon suite (no charge) which should be doable if the occupancy is low... How long are you staying? I will be there sunday morning and would love to meet up if you are still there!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by beckerba Hi ladies, does anyone know of the resort offers dress steaming services? Hey Bree, I have just been emailing my WC about that. They DON"T have a steamer, so I have to bring my own. Bullocks. They do have a dress press though. Because of the style of my dress a steamer would be much better. Off to find a small portable one!
  13. Can I tell you how much I love you ladies! Thank you so much for your well wishes, and for making me laugh... Chicago to Vancouver.... yes, that might be more than a short jaunt, but I appreciate the thought! My MOH is helping me out today -some last minute pick ups and getting the OOT bags done. Unfortunately the drugs made my Dad throw up.... so he's just on Advil. Hopefully the pain will subside by this weekend. We see his eye specialist tomorrow so we should know by then if he can make it for sure. In the meantime, I'm going to just try to catch up, pack and do everything I can to relax. Thank you all again for being so great! xo a
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