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  1. i like number 2. the girls dresses are nice too
  2. wow, very out there and original. How much would you want to spend and will it come out.
  3. im looking to do a side piece with a flower, im going for a trial run this week lets see how it goes
  4. im having soo much of a hard time choosing, im debating if i should leave it up to the florist.
  5. you may want to keep it more on the simple side, with regards to everything else that will be going on the table; i.e food, beverages, etc..
  6. i too am going to go to 5th ave, i definatly think they will be cheaper.
  7. we are doing one at our church for the immediate family that cannot attend. Decided last minute so that no one would try to not attend. I am only doing it back home for my grandmother who is very old and can't come.
  8. thanks im going to check it out and get started on it
  9. i LOVE calla lilies and orchids, i didnt just want plain white so im axious to see what the florist will come up with. I don't want too much colors, but want it to stand out and go well with the girls flowers
  10. i want to keep it simple but beachy and elegant. i don't have a pic but i want to alternate betweeen low flower vases and a three tier candle set
  11. my main color is teal, and then im going to have them incoporate pink, yellow's into the flowers and decorations.
  12. my fiance hates taking pictures too but i really didnt give him a choice and he knows that i love pictures so i doubt he is going to disappoint the bride, lol