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  1. Was going through and cleaning out my computer and found my pre-wedding newsletter from my wedding last year and figured I'd post it in case anyone is interested. Borrowed a lot of ideas from other girls newsletters in creating mine. Hope this will be helpful to some of you! Pre-Mexico Newsletter.pub
  2. We got married there last May and I believe it was $12/person per extra hour. May have gone up for 2011 though!
  3. Just looked at my receipt and I paid $77 per girl for updos plus tip. Each girl also wanted to have white orchids in their hair as well and I'm not sure if they charged extra for that or not. They really liked how their hair turned out, but I had them bring photos of how they wanted it done because the stylists spoke little to no English.
  4. Yes- they had my contact information just in case of any problems, but luckily they had no problems at all. I had forwarded them all the reservation information to take with them for check in as well. Â
  5. When I booked my photographers room using Happy Days I was able to change the reservation name right when I was booking. It defaulted to my name but I was able to change it. I also booked a room for one of our groomsmen and was able to book it in his name online with the Happy Days special.
  6. Glad to hear you got a quick response back. I'm sure it was an accident and never once felt like the resort was trying to nickle and dime me. I acutally felt like their prices were reasonable compared to other resorts we looked at. Â
  7. We had to give our WC the cash for the officiant and mariachi band right after we met with her to plan everything. She then took us to the front desk of the Palace and we then put the remaining balance on our credit card. Â
  8. On the unofficial barcelo maya website forum there was a discussion about this and apparently the happy days special is only good for US Citizens for some reason. Â
  9. We had our wedding at the Palace in May 2010 and were able to book our photographers 2 nights at the Beach for $65/per night ($130 total for the 2 of them) through the Barcelo's "Happy Days" promotion. You have to join the Barcelo's free online frequent guest club, but was definitely worthwhile for me. Here is the link to the promotion website: https://www.barcelo.com/BarceloHotels/en-GB/UserRegistration/Ofertas_HD_Hoteles_LatAm_NoReg.htm#Mexico  Since they were staying as guests at the Barcelo we didn't have to pay any extra for a day pass or for them to eat at the reception.  Good luck!
  10. sfrench0621

    After Wedding Sale

    It's been a few months since my wedding and I need to make some room in my house. I have a bunch of OOT bag leftovers, DW stuff, stationery, etc for sale. Check out my website for photos and information. If you're interested or have questions shoot me an email: sfrench0621 at gmail.com http://weddingitems4sale.weebly.com/
  11. We went with a nonlegal, symbolic ceremony performed by a minister... I think that would be the best route to go if you're writing your own vows. The minister seemed very flexible- one of our relatives is a Deacon and the minister allowed him to give a special blessing during our ceremony. Quote: Originally Posted by staceychris17 Can any one help me out with a silly question? We are able to have a nonlegal Interactive Blessing Ceremony?? Am I getting this lingo correct? If so, do we have to option between a JOP or a minister? Anyone who had this type of ceremony, do you have any suggestions at to which one to choose. We wrote our own vows. 17 days until the big day:) Thank you so much!!!
  12. Regarding the music- my hubby brought his Sony MP3 player and it worked fine with their equipment. He says it was attached to their equipment via a 2.5mm audio cable. As far as special songs- I would probably put them on your MP3 player... I think they had the cord there. We paid cash for the mariachi band ($400) and the minister ($300). The rest was paid via credit card (in retrospect we wish we would have paid via travelers checks since we ended up having to pay the foreign transaction fee credit cards charge). Regarding spa appts- I wouldn't worry about this at all. Claudia made the appts for hair (for 3 people), massage, makeup, and manicure/pedicure the day we met with her to plan the wedding and we had no problems getting in at all. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup My wedding is 12 days away. I am leaving in 5 days. I still can't really get any answers from my WC (Claudia) I know it'll be fine and fabulous and it'll all work out and I'm trying not to stress but there are just a few important things that I need to know before I go... If anyone can answer, I'd be forever grateful We are doing strawberry passion package.. i still don't know the location of my ceremony/reception .. I know it's on the beach but my questions for the past few months have gone unanswered as to location. Is this normal How do I tell my guests where to be for the wedding, when I don't even know it myself? DJ - I want to do a DJ. .which they list as $540 for 2 hours. I want to have the DJ for the whole 3 hours but I can't get a response on that price... has anyone used their DJ ?? Are they good? Worth it? Music -- I want to bring down my "special" songs but I'm unsure about the format -- MP3, on a CD, etc. Anyone know how I should bring down my songs? For the cocktail hour, we want to have music but just play our own.. I don't own an iPod.. can I use a different MP3 player and what cords might I need? Spa - does anyone have confirmed appointments? I sent in the information to Claudia but I haven't gotten any confirmation that they are booked Payments - who needs to be paid in cash vs on a credit card?? I'm not using the resort photographer, so is it just the officiant? I can't seem to get a response to that either. Thanks ladies.... SO stressed out right now!!!
  13. Here's a picture of our cake- we only requested a 1 tier (included in the Strawberry passion package) but somehow they brought out a 2 tier free of charge. We were the only ones who even ate a piece. We didn't really care for the vanilla and wish we would have picked another flavor. I think they use the same flowers that were in the bouquet. Quote: Originally Posted by BethBride1 Hey girls- how were the wedding cakes?? I already had a tasting when we were down there & showed Claudia a picture of what I wanted & she said it was no problem.....but I never actually saw one of their cakes (we just had small ones). Are they decorated nicely? ...or should I stick to a simple design?
  14. The Carey Bar (Palace lobby bar) is probably your best bet- it has both indoor (A/C) and outdoor seating. Quote: Originally Posted by staceychris17 Hello Girls, I am having my ceremony and reception at Coral Beach....does anyone know of a nice bar or close lobby bar that I can tell my guests to go for drink in between the two events? Oh yeah and what is the name...so I can write it on their welcome letter:) THANK YOU!!!!!!
  15. I'm jealous! Wish we could do it over again- best wishes! Quote: Originally Posted by MObride09 Sfrench, Thanks for the great review, it was very helpful! I can hardly believe it's my turn now. We leave in 3 days!!! I'm much more relaxed after hearing such great reviews like this in recent weeks. Congrats Mrs:)