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  1. She is definitely the mayor of AdorableTown! She's one of those rolley polley puppies with the giant feet who trips over herself. I'll put up pics soon!!
  2. Soo we got the new puppy today!! Her name is Maggie, she's a Bassetdoodle and 8 weeks old and totally adorable. TOTALLY in love with my other dog. So we're in car driving home after getting her, and she lets out the WORST fart ever! It definitely made me laugh, since I had read this post this morning hahaha
  3. The pictures turned out so well!!! Shawn and I went to Sears for ours pft, the woman was ridic and made us do poses like arms crossed, back to back. What are we, 10 years old and best buddies??! Acouple turned out okay, so we're waiting for them still...yours are so gorgeous though!
  4. I was told that a little bit of plain yogurt before they eat can work wonders for dogs, just a little spoonful- it does the same thing as in people...I feed my poodle Marley some before his meals sometimes, but usually i forget (or am busy eating the yogurt to share). But maybe that would help the gas? My FI and I are going to look at Bassetoodles today! Marley needs a companion...I'll keep you posted!
  5. Congrats and welcome! SO much useful information here!!!
  6. haha side boob, that is funny. i figured out, always lie on your back with your arms above your head. and do the butt scootch, although when i went to the dominican recently my friends all laughed at me, i had the line under my bum. so it's not always foolproof!!! but i hope you get it fixed!
  7. I'm also doing the two year-engagement, next year is WAY too soon!!!! I feel like there's SO MUCH TO DO!!!! We haven't decided for sure where yet, and have yet to pick an actual date, which is next...pretty sure Punta Cana
  8. So last nights episode...how awkward was it to watch them all sit together?? And Heidi's going on, right beside Lauren, about how her and Audrina were friends first, that is SO old! Get over it. And holy how cold was Spencer to Heidi?? I don't understand why he's not allowed to date, Heidi's being ridiculous there, maybe seeing other people would help them realize they're the same snake. As for her face (haha) I realized it's not just her nose/lips, there's somthing wrong with the length of her face, it's WAY too skinny and long and makes her look gross and weird. she used to have a way rounder face...
  9. i LOVE the "just married" flip flops!!! so cute! and beautiful wedding!
  10. omg i HATE heidi. her "new look" makes me UNCOMFORTABLE, she was so much cuter before! She looks so gross now. HA her new clothing line got crap reviews, they said it was overpriced hooker wear. Her and Spencer are meant to be.
  11. Shawn and I have been together 8 years, will be married in our 10th (and then---back to ZERO! )
  12. ana--I'm BDW creeping you, and I totally LOVE the veil in the picture. it's so pretty! And I def. think you should wear your hair down, it's so amazing and would look so good! Maybe down for the wedding and then have it put up later for the reception?
  13. When I went to the Dominican they told us not to buy anything that came from the ocean (starfish, coral, seashells) because Canada at least is trying to stop people from bringing stuff back, because a lot of people in these locales are about killing things/ruining the ecosystem without thinking of the consequences, just to sell to tourists. I think it depends which custom people you get on the way back, but you may run into some trouble...
  14. I bought an SD card on EBAY once and apparently it's one of the most forfeited items. So make sure if you get one with it that it works with everything you want it to work on--if there's any problems with any of the stuff make sure you lodge a complaint ASAP, I did that and got the money back super quick, the seller was super apologetic. Just give yourself tonnes of time
  15. Those invitations are so pretty! I love the pocket idea.
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