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  1. Hey there, You can take a look at some of my pics on the ROR Pictures thread. Here is what I spent: Free Wedding Package ($250) White wooden chairs: $105 ($5/ea) Upgrade to flowers on site and bouquet: $300 Hair: $80 Open Bar @ Seagrape: $230 Steel Band for 1hr: $250 (pretty sure it was $250, not $350) Caprice Photo Pkg: $180 $50 additional photos: $400 Total: $1795 Tips not included . . . The only thing I would have differently - get the band for another hour!
  2. Serena, I think I upgraded the flowers a bit . . . they cost me about $300 to change the bundle on the gazebo, add some greenery to the chairs and upgrade my bouquet (which I loved!). I also paid $5/chair (for the white ones). I think that's all I upgraded. MoKe0506: I think that was the cake included in my package . . . In my opinion, it would have fed about 30 ppl. I just brought a picture down to show Chandlyn.
  3. Yes, you get the marriage register right after signing it. I've been home since April 5th, but still haven't received the certificate in the mail.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by serena hi everyone has anyone had the free cake which they say is enough for 10 people? b/c at the min i have just 10 but 3 more people might be coming they have not decided yet and i would like to know if i'm going to need to upgrade. thanks in advance.. Hi, if you check out the thread ROR Pictures, you'll see a picture of my wedding cake, which was part of the free package. It could probably feed 30 ppl! We had 23 people in total, and I think we only ate the top two tiers. No worries! (Print off a picture for your meeting with Chandlyn).
  5. Check out the thread ROR Pictures. You'll see some pics of flowers and the set up at the lagoon gazebo as well as some of the work CHristopher does (senior photographer for Michael). I'll try to post more later.
  6. Hi there, I recently took a catamaran ride our to Dunns River from the Riu hotel in Ochor Rios. ABout 20 mins in, we stopped to snorkle for about half an hour, and then it probably took another 30 minutes to get to Dunns River from there. Unfortunately I would probably call the waters wavy. Especially when you sail back. I get quite sea sick myself, however I took 1 Bonamine (??) before I left and one on the way back and was fine. Fortunately, each stretch of the ride wasn't that long. Even on on the way back, wasn't more than an hour. Our tour was set up on the beach @ the hotel.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by md_ocr Okay, i'm back!! Thanks again for posting! Were the white chairs automatically set up for your pond gazebo ceremony or did you have to ask for it. (oops, i just read that they were $5 each)..........All of the weddings that I've seen up to this point used the brown chairs, but i would much rather prefer the white ones. Also, were the gazebo decorations included or did you have to do any upgrades for the tulle and flowers? Do you have anymore ceremony pics that you wouldn't mind posting? I'm curious to see how the positioning is for the bride and groom inside of the gazebo. Thanks for everything! Your looked like you had so much fun!! I believe the decorations like tull and flowers are included but the flowers are birds of paradise. Since I didn't care much for the orange, I just went with some greenery onthe gazebo and on the first row of chairs. I think this cost a little extra. (Bouquet was $159). I'll try to get some pics of the ceremony up in a day or two . . .
  8. Hi Everyone, Got married at the RIU Ocho Rios. Here's a link to my pics. These are all taken by Christopher (a senior photographer of Michael's). Shaw Photo Share We got married at the lagoon gazebo. The white chairs were $5/ea. My bouquet was not part of the Free package and therefore cost an additional $159. It was booked through Chandlyn the day before the wedding. Vanilla cake was fantastic. Reception was at the Seagrape with open bar and a steel band. (Open bar was $10/pers. and Steel band was $250/hr.) Hope this helps.
  9. I had the vanilla cake with white frosting . . . didn't notice if there was any rum, but it was fantastic!!! Very good cake!
  10. Hello! I just had a small (21 guests) reception at the Seagrape on April 1st. We paid $10/person for the open bar on the beach, and they set up one long table with enough chairs for everyone. There were also a few tiki toches set up halfway to the beach. The Steele Band was the best thing we could have done! We only got them for an hour, but they were fantastic!!! The only thing I'd redo about my day, was to have them play longer!! They were set up next to the bar, and so the dance floor was basically between the bar and the table that was set up. Everyone kicked off their shoes and went dancing! It was awesome! Also, because there were only enough chairs for us on the beach, other hotel guests new it was a private party. I would recommend the seagrape!
  11. I'm Christine Just got married on April 1st @ the Riu in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Just online to answer some questions for upcoming brides to the location.
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