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    I was married yesterday!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Claire Congratulations! I have been wondering about the ease of just doing something local or going to a restaurant, but there are so many beautiful destinations. The idea of getting all the stuff there seems overwhelming, but it would be so beautiful and memorable. Still weighing it out. I sometimes still wish that we had stuck to our guns and gone to Jamaica for our wedding. It would have been so much fun. On the other hand, it was so easy (comparatively) to do the wedding here. If you want to go down south do it! Don't regret not doing it. But anywhere you choose your wedding will be special and beautiful.
  2. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    Quote: Originally Posted by christenew My finance is so jelous. He would love to have our reception at the Bier market. Congratulations! Do it. It was so much fun, it already comes decorated, you don't have to worry about the menu (you just pick one of two options), its a bar so no worries about booze, it is cozy and ambient. Everyone there was great and they made it worry free. I highly recommend having a reception, wherever it may be, in a restaurant. We had a great time.
  3. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jmhein Everything looks wonderful, now I want to see some pictures of you in your dress on the big day! I am sure it was a beautiful day, congratulations!! I am curious though, why didnt the DW at Riu Ocho Rios pan out? It didn't work out for several reasons: pricing, family resistance, timing ... Although, I am kind of glad it didn't work out or else I would still be planning a wedding. It was fun, but I am glad it is over. We will get to Jamaica though for a real honeymoon. Right now we are renovating our house. How romantic!
  4. Ahhh, it looks like so much fun. I will make it to Jamaica some day.
  5. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    I did this in 6 weeks. I only work well under pressure. I think I did most of the crafty bits in 2 weeks, very sporadically. I didn't want to be planning and stressing over a wedding for months/years like some brides, so we decided on a quick turn around.
  6. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    The flowers turned out so good. Exactly what I had imagined. I asked for something natural with lots of berries and greenery. So beautiful. The boutonnieres (sp?) and corsages were great too, each one was different. The reception was held at The Bier Markt in Toronto. The room was so cozy and warm. The ceremony was at noon (City Hall) so I wanted a place that wasn't too bright. It turned out perfectly. Ok. Thats all the pics I have for now. I will post pics of the day when they are developed.
  7. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    I made the table decorations out of dogwood branches that I glued fake snow/sparkles to (giant sparkle mess). Stuck the branches in floral foam (the green stuff) and then poured fake snow over it to hide the green. I think they turned out quite nicely. I put "wish" tags on the trees instead of having a guest book. I took this idea from some of the guest book I have seen on the forum. Couldn't get the book together in time but I will put the tags in my scrapbook, one day. I took this directly from someone else's idea page.
  8. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    The Menus - I made them. I am not crafty at all, but I have my moments. The Drink Menus - we had the reception at a beer focused restaurant so the drinks menu was essential. The favour bags - I made shortbread cookies (10 dozen) with Toblerone in the middle as the favours (my husband is Scottish).
  9. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    The shoes are from David's Bridal. They are called Chloe (new line - not on the internet when I bought them 2 weeks ago) The Jewellery - I got it at Macy's The purse - I got it at a vintage store where I live called "The Cat's Meow"
  10. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    ok that worked, phew.
  11. RiuORBride2B

    I was married yesterday!

    The dress - I didn't have time to order a dress, so I had one made. I think it turned out pretty well.
  12. Hi All Jamaica Brides, So my wedding at RIU OR didn't pan out, but I did tie the knot here at home yesterday. I took a lot of the ideas and bits of advice from the forum so I thought I would share pics of my wedding stuff, as soon as I can figure out how to attach images to a post. Its been a while since I posted so it may take me a few minutes to figure it out.
  13. RiuORBride2B

    Wedding review of RIU Ocho Rios

    Oh, you should post the pics on here if she doesn't mind. I would like to see them too.
  14. RiuORBride2B

    Questions for Jamaica RIU Brides

    You could always have your weding off site. There is a company mentioned in some of the other posts that will coordinate an off-site wedding/reception. they looked really nice. My travel agent is trying to convince us to go to the RIU in Negril, he really loves it. He said he saw an awesome wedding at some little hotel called the caves.
  15. RiuORBride2B

    Riu wedding requirments and Docs

    Does anyone know if there are a minimum number of days you have to be in the country before you can get married. My travel agent said 72 hrs., but i want to confirm that.