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  1. I know. It seems ridiculous, but you do have to pay $10 per person. Think of it as the fee for having private bartenders, and it doesn't seem too bad. We paid $450 for our guests.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by amandalovesryan dumb question, does anyone know how far the bathrooms are from the seagrape area? all that alcohol and far away bathrooms could be a pain! right up the stairs! very close!
  3. We just returned and had no problems with any in room theft. I did however have my ipod stolen out of my purse, but that was my own fault of having too many daquiries and left it lying around.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by naga0066 Did they know when you got there that an upgrade would be available on Tuesday? Or did you have to check with the front desk every day? They knew at front desk when we checked in Sunday, that upgrade would be avail. Tuesday. I can't beleive the bonfire is $150. I didn't know that, and we weren't charged. But I agree, worth it! We did not pay extra for 3 hrs. I don't think there was a time limit.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by march1508 and the room upgrade..was that FREE?? if so that is awesome.. please tell how u manage to make that happen..especially with the jacuzzi suite.. i also booked the jr suite, but was curious to know how much additional they would charge to upgrade once we get there.. ` The upgrade was free. But not gauranteed. I got the impresion, they will upgrade you to the best available suite, when available. We arrived on SUnday, but the upgrade wasn't available untill Tuesday. I had no idea what type of room we were getting until that day. What a nice surprise!
  6. Again the DJ was totally worth it. I didn't want the headache of mastering my own tunes, and he did a great job incorporating the music I brought and his own stuff. Tables and dj are right on the beach. We had dinner first at Mammee Bay also. You can have dinner on the ebach as well @ Seagrape, but they charge you $50 per person. I would totally recommend Seagrape reception!!!
  7. Answers to Questions: - Bridesmaid dresses were "After Six" - I think you get them almost anywhere. We had to do some serious alterations as there was a huge bright bow on the front and they were way too long. -Reception was right on the beach. There is alot of steps to go down, but to each side of the beach is a ramp comming down from pool area. Older people could come down ramp, then walk a little ways down the beach. -2 pm ceremony - Pictures were done around 3-3:30, we had drinks by the poolside bar, then went to our room for a while, it was a little bit of a wait, but my son needed a nap! There is lots to do around the resort- don't worry. -I skipped the runner, because my flowergirl had white petals to throw, it would look great with or without! save the $40! -The bonfire was a surprise. They have them on beach party nights. I would ask for one just in case - it was totally awesome. -My bouquet was $149 (#88 in catalogue), BM's were $60. If your getting wrist corsages for mothers / grandmothers, ask for elastics. They came with ribbons and fell off really early! I was happy with flowers, since I wasn't happy about ordering form catalogue, but they were beautiful. I just chose my bouquet and all the others were matched to that. I thought i would be able to go to the flower shop and pick them out, but found out 1 week prior, that orders must be placed two weeks before wedding - just a heads up - Chandlyn didn't mention this earlier.
  8. OK - here goes the photo posting. wish me luck! ps - thats for the advice twelve-piece! Me and my two dads - how cool is that? Tying the knot - looking quite excited about it! Check out adorable son playing in the sand.... happy family I like this one! our wedding party, less our son who wasn't feeling well First dance by the fire
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by DLyteful I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and that is so cool you were upgraded to the deluxe suit (do you think giving someone a nice tip would help to get upgraded to a deluxe suite?) I didn't - I guess it was available, and they will give the best room that there is at the time! They are all so friendly!!!!
  10. To have our reception at Seagrape, My first question to Chandlyn, was "Can I have an outdoors reception"? This was the first place she suggested and it was at no extra cost. We were late starting dinner, and I really did think 6:30 - 8 was long enough, but we didn't get down there until 9. The dj was paid for 3 hrs so it didn't matter to him to stay until 12, and we just tipped the bartender to stay late too. I'm not not sure what your plans are for the dinner - speaches etc. But to request a 9pm start might be too late...... We didn't decorate too fancy at Seagrape. They brought down tables, with table clothes and candles, and the flowers from ceremony were put on them. It looked great - but again, nothing fancy.
  11. Beautiful Slideshow! I remember seeing you on your wedding day! You looked stunning!
  12. Our ceremony was at 2pm. With a 4 pm wedding - I don't think I would worry about appitizers - and dont ask me what they were, because by the time we were done with pictures they were all gone, lol. I remember picking the $10 pp option, and it inlcuding wings and familiar foods. Dinner was at 6:30 Mamee Bay, Seagrape was from 8-11. We didn't get down there until closer to 9, so the dj & bartender stayed until midnight. We had the best music in the place, and even a few wedding crashers that signed my guestbook - it was hilarious! How do I post pictures? and I will!
  13. Hi ladies! I'm back! And thought I would fill you all in quickly about our trip. The RUI was amazing. The service was great, and the Jamaican people are wonderful. We were upgrated from our junior suite to a deluxe ( and I mean DELUXE) suite with a jacuzzi on balcony - which was the size on our 20x20 deck at home! Absolutely beautiful room. We were able to keep it for the whole two weeks, but weren't upgraded until tuesday (arrived sunday). We went with the free package. Ended up paying a total of $4000. $250 - basic price $350 - steel band at ceremony - a wonderful choice $350 - dj - reception at seagrape - he was awesome, i did bring 3 cds of our own music - and he did a great job! $450 - open bar at reception. Ladies - the Seagrape is the way to go!!! Your in Jamaica - why wouldn't you want your reception on the beach? There was a bonfire down by the water which we had our first dance song to, and it reminded us of home. SO NICE! $450 - appitizers ater ceremony $1000 - photos - this was for a total of 3 hours and 156 pictures on cd. Michael was excellent! I love my photo's! $532 for flowers - bouquets etc. $800 - upgraded decoration at beach gazebo. They transfered the flowers to our dinner tables and then to tables at reception, then to our room afterwards. perfect! $50 - upgraded cake - i believe this charge was for the flowers on it. My opinion on the DISCO - a great place to dance and drink with you friends. Maybe not so much on your wedding day reception(this is just my opinion, and don't want to hurt anyones feelings). It has no windows. It is a square, with speckelld carpet on the walls and lots of mirrors. There isn't much room for chairs or tables at all. There are bar stools around the bar, but that is it. If you are not getting a drink or dancing, there isn't much room to do anything else. Beach party Reception - I wouldn't. I never did stay at the beach to watch the whole entertainment, on the beach party night, but it was very crowed, and not personal if you wanted something special. Maybe if your group was small.....again, just my personal opinion, and trying to help future brides. If anyone has any questions - bring m' on! or wants to see pictures of something specific let me know, and i can email you pictures. Now can someone help me get a TTC ticker going? lol. Tara
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