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    Sunset Jamaica Grande?

    That sounds like a tough situation to be in because I can see the family from Jamaica being upset that they couldn't attend the ceremony. I think if you let them know why they should understand because it is $80 per person to even allow them on the resort and then an additional price for them to eat on the resort for your reception if you were throwing a real reception. My family and I didn't have a "real" reception. Since there was only about 10 of us and we were all staying at the resort, we opted to just have our first dance, father/daughter dance, and mother and groom dance at the ceremony site. Afterwards there was a short cake and champagne reception for those who wanted to say something on video. We then took pictures around the resort and had a sit-down dinner reservation at one of the specialty restaurants on site. It was simple but it was nice and with the amount of people we had it worked.. I think if you have family members in Jamaica - having a seperate celebration/reception would be more cost efficient and that way EVERYONE that wants to come can come to that. It's really up to you and what you decide to do..
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    Sunset Jamaica Grande?

    Yeah it sure is Morgan State. My husband went to Morgan and he is an Iota. You probably did know him - it seems everyone did! And thanks, I think your wedding is what you make out of it. We wanted a very lowkey, simple wedding and that's exactly what we got and it was still as gorgeous as any wedding out there. Plus, Danny wanted to be in the heart of Ocho Rios so I don't think the other chain resorts would have worked for him.
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    Sunset Jamaica Grande?

    Btw if you would like to see pictures. Please just private message me and I can send them..
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    Sunset Jamaica Grande?

    Sorry it took so long but here is my review that I posted on Tripadvisor. It kind of touches on sally's last post about it being downtown. There are perks for being downtown (remember NO ONE can get on the resort unless they are staying there). I enjoyed being downtown and couldn't of imagined what I would have done if I stayed at Sandals or Riu for an entire week. I would have either left broke because of all the shuttles I have to take shopping, excursions, etc. or I would have been bored out of my mind. SJG was a walk, skip, jump to the marketplace and other duty free stores. I was weary like every bride would be upon reading some of the reviews on this site. Upon arrival, I put all my worries aside and realized that I am getting married and to make the most of it.. It ended up being that I didn't have to - the resort truly is wonderful. If you are a RITZY type person and expect people to wait on your hand and foot then NO - this resort is not for you. Please go to one of the chain hotels that cater to your every spoiled need. Sunset is a Jamaican owned chain so if you want to truly experience the culture, livelihood of Ocho Rios, Jamaica then this resort is for you. Location and Local Area: The resort was located in the midst of the town and people of the area. You walk out of the resort and the marketplace is right there. Be strong and firm and they will leave you alone. We got some great deals in the marketplace and you have to understand that WE are the main income of Jamaica. Many of those people struggle to make ends meet and they bother you constantly because that is their only means of acquiring money. If the market isn't for you, there are a multitude of shops available outside the resort that are duty free. Margaritaville, Taj Mahal duty free, are all in walking distance.. Staff: Many of the staff were very friendly. The entertainment crew definitely did their best in ensuring their guests were entertained. Apparently we went during a slow season so there weren't many guests there but they still did their best in making sure people participated. WEDDING (FOR MY BRIDES): My wedding was stress and worry free. I met with Esther (who is great) a day before the wedding to finalize plans and everything was taken care of within 30 minutes. The next day I came down and the wedding was a dream come true. I booked the Melody of Love package and the DVD that came with it was beautiful. I did not like the pictures as much from the resort and we did bring our own photographer but the resort's photographer is not pushy at all and still takes extra photos for you to view and possibly purchase. I got my hair and makeup done at the resort. I'm pretty picky about my makeup and was tentative about my hair but they did a GREAT job with my hair and my makeup I had to touch up a bit more. Overall good job! Everything was worry-free (I stressed out way too much prior to the big day) and it turned out wonderfully. Hotel (General): This is the only thing I felt they need to improve. The rooms ARE outdated. There are no marble floors like Riu but the room is sufficient enough. Just as everyone else has stated, you spend only a couple of hours in the day in your room anyways so I felt it did not matter much. The resort itself is gorgeous, there are a multitude of pools and the slide is FUN. I did not go to the beach much because it was not as I imagined but the many pools onsite made up for it. We did go canoeing and utilized their free watersports. In addition, we had some problems with the hotel staff and accomodations. Upon our arrival back from our Dunn's River excursion, we were told that they were attempting to contact us the entire day because we were due to checkout. They wanted us to prove paperwork that our stay continued on for 3 more days. Luckily, I kept copies of everything and showed them our confirmation and reservation paperwork. Without it, I would be scared to see what happened. The entire ordeal lasted about 40 minutes and we were frustrated with how they handled it. It worked out but because we were prepared - they were not. In addition, our remote did not work in our room and we had to call 6 times before someone came up to replace it. They are very slow with housekeeping and maintenance so make sure everything is in working order and your room is to your liking RIGHT when you check-in. Excursions: We did two excursions - Cool Runnings Dunn's River and H'evan Scent. Both were great! H'evan Scent is more for the adventurous type with ziplining and ATVing through the mountains. Cool Runnings was a ton of fun and lots of partying and dancing on the way back. Be careful if you get seasick easily.. If you want to enjoy the nightlife - go to Margaritaville. Monday night was a great night to go because it's free for SJG and they play a mixture of music as well as a mixed crowd. Great music! We had a blast.. Overall: EVERYTHING WAS LOVELY and we throughly enjoyed our stay there. I would love to go back tomorrow if I could. The staff was great and honestly the GOOD outweighed the BAD. I do give my recommendations for this resort because I respect how hard the Jamaicans work to get the little money they have into their pockets so being that it is a true Jamaican owned chain - they attempt to give you the most in their culture through their resort. **I apologize for the lengthy review but I remember going through this myself prior to going and promised myself I would provide one once I got back**
  5. allaboutodd

    Sunset Jamaica Grande?

    I just got married there on December 12, 2008. I can post my review once I have settled in. It was amazing to say the least and I have pictures as well. I know how you feel because I was looking for someone to guide me as well. Majority of the brides here are Riu brides so I will promise to get back on here shortly with a review!
  6. He was born in Queens, NY and we live in Maryland. I am checking websites now to see if it can be sent to our hotel. I have spent the entire night crying. This is a bride's worst nightmare!
  7. So they never asked for your originals upon arrival? I'm hoping that their copy will suffice. It's too late for us to order a new one.
  8. We are getting married at Sunset Jamaica Grande and we also faxed in our documents a couple of months ago but were also told to bring the originals with us. I can't get a hold of anyone there and I am STRESSING out at this point. I wonder if they have the faxed copy, do they need the original still?
  9. I am leaving Tuesday, as in the day after tomorrow, and we started to finalize our packing items, etc. We realized LAST MINUTE that my fiancee/husband misplaced his birth certificate and now we cannot find it. Oh please help!! We faxed these documents over when we were required too but I know we are supposed to bring the originals with us when we go. I'm really worried now.. please, someone, HELP and let me know if they allow us to still get married with the faxed copies. Thanks!
  10. I am getting married on December 12, 2008 in less then two months and I am going crazy. I am not dealing with Esther (who I have heard is GREAT) I am working with Patricia and I am going crazy. I email her constantly but get really short replies. Our wedding is less then two months away and there isn't even a contract written for what we want. I still have a multitude of questions and I feel like she never really answers them. How much was the Pure Elegance package? We want a very simple ceremony and are probably going to opt for a reservation at one of their restaurants for our small reception (there is only maybe 10 of us going). What should I do? Also, did you go with the free bouquet? How was the DVD? When did you draw up your contract and finalize all the plans for the ceremony? We are also doing the 4:30 pm wedding time.
  11. Send me a private message with your personal email address so I can send them to you. Thanks! Also in regards to organized.. I'm trying. I feel like a last minute bride. We are keeping it very simple but I have received his suit, my dress is bought, my alterations appointment is scheduled, I received our sand ceremony items.. and the bridal shower and bachelorette are planned. I will post pictures soon of the items.
  12. I am getting married at SJG on December 12, 2008. I'm almost there! I'm bringing my photographer with me. She is a very close friend of mine that I went to college with but I can send you our engagement pictures because she also did those and she is quite talented. Have you guys started planning?
  13. allaboutodd

    Jamaica and Alternative Lifestyles

    My fiancee is Jamaican and I have friends that are in same sex relationships. He told me about how his family felt about that from the very beginning and they would not accept it at all. He also told me that they are NOT accepting of it in Jamaica. I would just let them know ahead of time but not in a manner to deter them from being how they are. I love my friends and wouldn't want them to be any other way but I would definitely let them know ahead of time so they do not feel uncomfortable while on vacation in Jamaica. In addition, I think you will be ok since you are going with a big group of people for the wedding.
  14. I plan on purchasing a sand ceremony figure for the wedding. Out of curiosity, how did those brides who did the sand ceremony take the sand ceremony vase with the sand in it home without spilling? I know silly question and please tell me if I am thinking of this in the wrong way but I want to get this beautiful heart shaped sand holder but I don't want to have all the sand spill out on our way back home.
  15. allaboutodd

    tropical weddings jamaica

    I'm really not happy with how the wedding coordinator is handling the wedding plans and am opting to go to this company to do my wedding. I know there is one person in here who has had their wedding with them. Do you have pictures of your wedding to share? I don't want to go over $2000 but I want a reception and a ceremony with them. I like their venues and I wonder if this is goin to be a good way to go. Please help me out with your quotes and pictures if possible..