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  1. luvluvluv these shoes! Hope u can get them in your size!
  2. Ohh this sounds awesome!! i may have to look into this as a wedding reception surprise!
  3. i use mine on my blackberry, it would be easier to do with an app for it- but it still works on the web browser
  4. We are doing a band first, then using our ipod for a dj.
  5. Congrats and welcome! I'm sure you will find a TON of helpful info on this site!
  6. Welcome and Congrats!! Good luck picking the perfect destination, there is tons of helpful info here
  7. My right finger is bigger then my left also, so i will just be keeping it on my left and switching them around after the ceremony.
  8. i posted a thread in June about a BD session in Chicago with Leah & i put my full name in it as a reference.. is there anyway a MOD can delete my entire thread?? My fiance was googling names the other day for fun, and when he typed mine in it came up on the first page, i distracted him so he didnt see it, but im just afraid he will get bored and do it again! ha. sorry!!
  9. Can someone send me this plan?? shalae0802@yahoo.com Thanks!! sounds like its not too bad and shouldnt be too boring knowing ill have a thread to chat on about it!
  10. Congrats & Welcome! im sure you will be able to find what you need here!
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