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  1. Hi, there! Wondering if anyone has had any wedding experiences at the El San Juan or Ritz-Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Are you planning a wedding at either hotel? Attended someone else's wedding there? We're focusing on PR/San Juan because of its accessibility to/from NY (for friends and family). We love some of the smaller hotels, but have a VERY large group (up to--or even over--200) and would like to be somewhere that can accommodate most of our guest's needs. Any thoughts? Planning stories? Pics? Anything and everything you'd like to share about either venue would be much, much appreciated!
  2. Hi, all! I'm newly engaged and very excited about finally planning our destination wedding. We're looking at early 2009, and considering Puerto Rico (San Juan), St. Maarten (Westin), and Aruba. Any and all thoughts appreciated! Hope to see you on the boards!
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