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  1. It is so nice to see more RMB reviews coming in...Im sure future brides will GREATLY appreciate it. Congratulations, you looked beautiful!
  2. Congratulations...you looked beautiful and happy and that is what is important.
  3. Congratulations LilPaisley. Oh how I miss Jamaica and RMB. We have already booked our anniversary trip to Couples Negril and I can't wait to get back. Indigo
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Mother of Bride Quick Question--read somewhere that Michael (from Photo shop) does not accept credit card payment for photography and video....did you find that to be true? When my husband and I initially met with Maxine of Photoshop we paid cash (U.S. Dollars) for our package; however, after we reviewed our wedding pics we upgraded our package and did not have cash on us to cover the extra cost. My husband wanted to pay by credit card but Maxine told us that she would need special approval to accept credit cards. We didn't have time to wait around for approval because we were scheduled to go on an excursions so we went across the street to the ATM (this ATM dispenses U.S. Dollars) and got cash. HTH.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Zinski Congrats! I'm glad you liked MoBay. I just joined this site and I've been searching everywhere for a MoBay review! I can't wait (long way to go though!). Question - do you pick the ceremony site, reception site, and flowers once you get down there and see everything or do you have to choose everything beforehand via emails and photos? Hi Zinski, It's up to you on how you would like to handle everything. You can choose everything beforehand or wait until you get down there. When it comes to flowers, you may want to choose beforehand just in case your flowers are a special order. RMB uses Taiflora. You can go to their website and see if they will send you a catalog. HTH.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by montegobay09 hmmmm, I'm second guessing the beach ceremony too even though that was supposed to be the main idea we wanted "beach wedding' doesn't seem to work without the beach! I'm torn! didn't rmb12/4/08 get married on the beach? She said it wasn't that bad didn't she! I know there were some stupid people but for the most part I don't think it was too bad. ugh, decisions, decisions. Montegobay09 don't give up on getting married at the beach gazebo. Just let Chantelle know your concern and see how she can accommodate your request. There is enough beach space that RMB should not have a problem moving the loungers a good distance away from the gazebo during a ceremony. Both the beach gazebo and plaza gazebo are beautiful locations.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by YoursTruly Indigo--should we have concerns about privacy on the beach during the ceremony? One othe other RIU0MB brides mentioned stragglers being inconsiderate during the ceremony and when pic taking. Will Chantelle block the area off?? Please advise. Hello Ladies, I watched 2 weddings at the Beach Gazebo. For both of the wedding, the beach loungers were way to close for my comfort. I did not see anything blocking or separating the beach loungers. I also did not see any RMB personnel available to stop any beach lounger from potentially interrupting the ceremony. So, after watching the 2 ceremonies, my concern was about the amount of space available for seating guests at the beach gazebo and the proximity of beach loungers to the beach gazebo. I don't think there is enough space to seat more than 20-30(?) guest in that area unless RMB place chairs on the grass. When I had my meeting with Chantelle I presented my concerns to her and she said that they would move the loungers further away from the ceremony site. Nevertheless, we chose to go with the plaza gazebo because it is a fairly quiet area of the resort. RMB hosts their evening shows near the plaza gazebo. So, during the day everyone is on the beach (near the beach gazebo) and in the evening everyone moves to the area where the shows are held (near the plaza gazebo). So, our ceremony was fairly private/quiet and our dinner (which was on the upper level end of Mahoe Bay that is near the beach gazebo) was very private/quiet. I got the impression that Chantelle is new at being a wedding coordinator; however, she seems like she tries really hard to make your ceremony just what you want it. She had me give her a sheet of paper with every "extra" thing I would like for her to do. She says she uses that on the wedding day to ensure that she completed everything I requested. Chantelle generally arrives before 9:00 am but she doesn't leave until 7 or 8 pm in the evening. I sat and chatted with her one night as she waited for someone to come pick her up from work and she appears to be someone who really works hard at what they do. So, again, let Chantelle know how far you would like for the beach loungers to be moved and I'm sure she will try to accommodate your request. Without a doubt, both the RMB beach and plaza gazebo's are beautiful places for a wedding ceremony. HTH. Indigo
  8. Hello Ladies...just adding pics of reception setup at RMB. I also added more resort pics to my photobucket album. RMB Photobucket album: indigoweddingpics/RMB Gazebos - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by montegobay09 Fun!! I can't wait till it's my turn. Thanks so much for the info! RMB is a beautiful resort. You will have tons of fun.
  10. Indigo

    RMB: More Info

    Quote: Originally Posted by poppy2 Hi Indigo I have tried reading all of your messages as you are very prepared. I want to know if you can answer a few questions. I have booked the Caprice Package but after reading everything I think I will go with the free with upgrades. We have booked the Mahoe Steak House for our reception. The wedding is at 4 p.m. and then I guess from what I am reading they tell us when the dinner is. Are we separate from the rest of the guests or do we have to book it. If we want to have the dances such as mother and son, daughter and father, etc. Where do we do that.? I won't overwhelm you with questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Poppy2, I don't mind answering any questions you may have. I received so much help from BDW ladies and I would be more than happy to help someone else. Our wedding was at 4pm as well. It was at the Plaza Gazebo so after the ceremony, me and my husband and our bridal party did our exit walk down the plaza gazebo and met Chantelle at the table she setup with our Champagne and rum punch. Chantelle handed me, my husband and our guest champagne. The photographer and videographer continued to video and take pictures. The Photographer ask me and my husband to pose for numerous pictures while our guest took their own pics of us, socialized or enjoyed their beverages. Since our wedding was at the plaza gazebo our guest also went to the bar for mixed drinks, etc. My husband and I did leave our guest for about 40 minutes to take pictures on the beach. And then we returned and took more pictures at the gazebo with our wedding guest. Our photo video time went quickly because the sunset at about 6:00 pm. Everyone stayed at the gazebo and socialized or enjoyed a drink from the bar and then we all went to Mahoe Bay for the dinner/reception. If I am not mistaken, you will need to let Chantelle know which dinner slot you want. I believer there are 2 (6:30 or 9:00 pm). You can have your dances after the ceremony on the beach or at the plaza gazebo. Just let Chantelle know your plans and she will figure out a way to make it work. Typically, you are only allowed only an hour at the wedding site, according to Chantelle but because I was the last wedding of the day, we were allowed to stay and party as long as we wanted. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Ingido
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jjurick Hi Indigo, Does the resort have beach parties throughout the week? Or was it a special event when you were there? Thanks! The beach party is held once a week. I believe it was on a tuesday evening when we were there. RMB changes the lineup of activities periodically so it may be on another day now.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by stessa82 Thanks for sharing! I'm actually looking to hire a Steel Drum band. You don't by any chance know the name of the band, do you? (Figured it was a long shot - but decided to ask anyways!) Happy Holidays!! No, I didn't get the name of the band. Sorry.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jjurick Wow Indigo! Thank you!!! What excursions did you do? Were the flowers included in your package on the gazebo? Everything looks great. Our group went on the Ocean safari, horse back riding and ziplining excursions. We also went into town to the Hip Street for some shopping. A few of our guest also went to Margaritaville one evening. The flowers on the arch of the plaza gazebo are included in the free package. HTH.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jjurick I have the free package so I get 45 minutes and paying with two hours with Michael. I guess I just don't know how much time I should have set up before the ceremony and how much time after is sufficient. Hi jjurick, What time is your ceremony? Our ceremony was at 4:00 pm and Chantelle told us to let our guest know that they could arrive at 3:45. All of our guest were there at 3:45 pm; however, Chantelle was still setting up and waiting for our aisle runner to be delivered so Michael took pics of the guest at that time while the videographer ran video. When considering how to split your time, you may want to have time for Michael and his assistant to photograph you, your husband and your guest as they arrive to the ceremony. I would think 45 minutes is a good time for those pics, my ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and then Michael took pics at the Plaza Gazebo and then we left to go to the beach for pics afterwards then we returned and took pics with guests and bridal party. We booked Michael for the same amount of time as you (2 hours and 45 minutes). Our ceremony started about 30 minutes late (4:30 pm) but Michael didn't charge us stay longer for the beach pics. Also, video is priceless. I wish we had someone video our wedding in addition to the videographer so we could have raw footage. The videographer edited the video and it is really nice; but, we also would have loved raw footage of our ceremony.
  15. Hello Ladies, my husband and I have been going thru our pics and videos and found video of the Steel Band and Beach Party. I posted the video on YouTube. The links are below. Enjoy. YouTube - Riu Montego Bay - Steel Band YouTube - Riu Montego Bay Beach Party - Part I of 7 YouTube - Riu Montego Bay - Beach Party Part 2 of 7 YouTube - Riu Montego Bay Beach Party - Part 3 of 7 YouTube - Riu Montego Bay Beach Party - Part 4 of 7 YouTube - Riu Montego Bay Beach Party Part 5 of 7 YouTube - Riu Montego Bay Beach Party - Part 6 of 7 YouTube - Riu Montego Bay Beach Party - Part 7 of 7