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  1. jamaicabride....Shadows is entirely open-aired. It is a semi-circle shaped building that overlooks the beach/ocean. During the day, it is used as the lunch buffet. The main floor has the kitchen/buffet area in the center with seating along the outside of the "circle" for great views. There is an open stairway to the upper level, which is only a 1/2 story and also overlooks the beach.
  2. I'll answer any questions I can for you I just wanted to let you know that we had to pay cash for the extra flowers so if you're planning on ordering a lot of extra flowers, bring a lot of cash. I guess I'd check with Dionne to see what other extras would need to be paid in cash. We paid for the wedding and everything in the salon with a credit card through the hotel.
  3. The WC at the Riu Negril is Dionne and I thought she was great to work with. I'm not sure that the WC's name at the Riu Tropical Bay is, though. Here is a link to a few more pics including the ceremony site and a few from Shadows. Most of the pics we took at Shadows didn't turn out b/c we forgot to turn on the flash, so these don't really show much. But like I said before, we really enjoyed it. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  4. We had our dinner at the Steakhouse, which I believe is called Shadows. It was on the second level. The meal, cocktails and cake were served at our table, however, the soup and salad are served buffet style on the main level. The Steakhouse is an open-air restaurant, so there is no air conditioning. Our dinner was at 7pm so it had cooled off pretty well by then... no problems with the heat or being too hot. The meal was wonderful, most people opted for the steak, which was really good. I had the combination platter which had steak, chicken, shrimp and some sausage thing. I didn't eat the
  5. We went with the Royal Package. The only things that we paid for that weren't included in the package were extra flowers and my hair. Our ceremony was under the arch on the beach, not in a gazebo. We didn't opt for chair covers... the chairs that they used were dark brown and tan colored and in my opinion, they looked really nice for the beach wedding. For me, I think chair covers would have been to fancy. (We're pretty laid back and didn't want anything very traditional or fancy, we went for more of a beachy feel.) They decorated the arch in flowers...one bunch at the top of the arch a
  6. inunez...I just wanted to let you know that I did get married on-site at the Riu Negril. We had 15 guests but we did not have a private reception. We did have our sit-down dinner on the upper level at the Steakhouse. They did provide table linens. However, I didn't have any centerpieces or bring any of my own decorations. I also can't comment on having an iPod playlist or having someone announce your arrival. Sorry, I wish I had more information for you!
  7. Meghan, Thanks for the compliment. I'm sure you're wedding will be wonderful! Lisa, I just added the 1st dance song at the end of the cd that I made and when I met with Dionne the day before the wedding, I told her I wanted to do our first dance on the beach. But we were the only wedding that day and at the last time slot, 4:00 pm, so I guess I'd check with her to make sure it is okay if there are any other weddings that day or one right after yours. Any other questions, feel free to ask!
  8. I can't comment specifically on buying jewelry in Mexico, but my hubby wanted to buy his band in Negril, but I was worried we wouldn't find anything. I didn't want the stress of HAVING to find a ring there. So we bought one at home from Zales the week before we left. Zales has a 30 day return and 90 day exchange policy. I felt better just knowing we had a ring in case we didn't find one in Negril. It turned out perfect, though, because we did find the perfect band for him in Negril. But I'm glad we brought a back-up just in case we hadn't found one. Good Luck!
  9. StarandJay, You will have a great time at the Riu Negril. I was so unsure of what to expect, but when we got there, I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm sure your wedding will be wonderful! The pictures that I currently have on photobucket are from True Colors Photography. In my opinion, they are good but not great...they got some close-ups that we wouldn't otherwise have. But personally, I didn't feel the quality of their pictures was really worth spending an exta $500+ for more photos. We had the Royal Package, which included 12 photos...they took about 105 shots total. They kind
  10. Thanks for all the comments! lisaloo....I'll be happy to answer any questions you have...just PM when you think of them baj....I think no matter which resort you pick, your wedding will be wonderful. I didn't mind the beach at the Riu Negril at all, and one guy we met had walked down the the RTB and said the beach and hotel weren't that much better than the RN. But that is just one person's opinion. I do want to add that I did not swim in the ocean myself because I only like to go in the ocean when I can swim in the rolling waves. A friend of mine noted that the bottom was
  11. Hi ladies! I'm back from the Riu Negril-our wedding was absolutely perfect and our vacation in Negril was wonderful! Hopefully this review will help relieve some of your doubts and stess. I want to start by saying that we have gone on vacation every year for the past 5 years and stayed at AI resorts in Jamaica (including the ROR), Mexico and the Dominican so I have 5 other hotels to compare this one to. Also, we traveled with a relatively small group of 15 people, so I'm not sure how different an experience would be with over 50 guests. So here it goes..... Pre-Wedding planning w/WC:
  12. I don't have any really great ideas.....but if you are not having anyone stand at the alter with you, maybe they could just be called your "bridesmaids" or your "bridal party," except they won't stand at the alter like a traditional wedding? Your BM's don't have to do the traditional standing up at the alter, they can just sit in the front row? Like I said, its not great or creative, but it is an idea. Maybe someone will have a better one for you
  13. Thanks girls! I've been in contact w/ the WC for a few months via email, but I never thought to ask her about when we'll be meeting, DUH!! I sent her an email yesterday, she returned the email asking when we fly in. Hopefully I'll hear back from her before we leave for the airport tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll just have to try to track her down at the resort
  14. Thanks for all the advice ladies! prairiegirl....we are the same!!! I have the products that my stylist used (travel-sized even) and step-by-step pictures when she styled it. I'm also bringing my flat iron and two sizes of curling iron. During the practice, she showed me exactly what you explained....small pony, then bobby pin around it for loose curls. I liked the way she did it and hopefully, I'll be able to do the same. There is NO POINT in trying to straighten my hair....I've tried on every trip I've been on, and it just ends up looking like a frizzball rats nest
  15. So I'm leaving on Friday (yay!) the wedding is next Tuesday. How/when do I meet up with the Riu WC once we arrive at the hotel? Does she contact me or do I need to try to get ahold of her? I'm freaking out about all these little things right now because it is getting so close! Like, what if they don't let me put my dress in the closet on the plane? Will it fit in the overhead compartment? It's not that big but it's not small either. Will I have to carry it in my lap?
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