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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Jamie! and congrats! Lisa
  2. Everything looks fabulous and your notes are GORGEOUS!!!! Great job!
  3. LisaW

    Hello!! :)

    Hi Amanda! Welcome to the forum! Major props for joinging so early ... you'll have so much time to plan ... You'll be able to take adavnatghe of soooo many of the fabulous ideas here!! Enjoy!!!!
  4. Thanks so much guys!!!! Part of why we LOVE cayman is b/c so few of our guests have actually been there before, so that is super exciting for us. Plus it is a gorgeous island with a spectacular beach, so we are super excited! W are pretty much set with our on-island items, EXCEPT for probabbly like a biggest thing .. a band! Varia, if you happen to know of anyone please share!!!! Thanks again everyone for all your sweet wishes and insight!!! Lisa
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SASSYGIRL Just wanted to give you ladies an update - I completed my puzzle books and they turned out really cute. The cover was printed on white card stock and said "Poolside Puzzles" with our monogram below. Then I printed puzzles on the front and back side of 3 pieces of regular copy paper. I folded the pages in half to make a little book and then punched a hole in the spine at the top and bottom of the page. I used some pretty sheer pink ribbon and tied it on the side. I will post pictures if I get a chance to take some - we are leaving for Cabo in the morning and are taking a ton of our OOT bag stuff down with us now so that we don't have to bring it in July - our house looks like a bomb hit it - everything is everywhere! If you have pictures or even a file that would be great! Also, I love that you did a half book -- one sheet of paper folded in half. That's the perfect size!!! How did you set your puzzles up (in word or publisher or what) to print 2 on a page properly centered to be folded? Lisa
  6. Oh Ditto!!! If anyone how a passport template or files to share with me i'd be so grateful!! Thanks, Lisa
  7. Just completed my puzzles .. those were fun to do! I even found a program online that allows you to make personalized word searches ... Kokolikoko.com: sudoku, maze games and word search puzzles How would you suggest I go about setting up the file for the book though? I am sure that has to be a way (either in Word or Publisher or someting) that I can set up a book layout and then just print the books at home and asemble myself. But being new to DIY I have NO idea!!!! any suggestions on how to create a booklet file? Lisa
  8. Hi! Did you decide to have your wedding in Cayman? Im having mine their in June and would LOVE to chat with you about your findings!!!
  9. Hi girls! I am LOVING the idea of doing a personalized sudoku & assorted puzzle book to include in OOT gift bags. There's another thread that lists great websites to go to for free puzzles. (Conceptis Logic Puzzles - The Art of Logic and SudokuOnline.us - Puzzle Page). But does anyone have a template for how to make an adorbale puzzle book? I am new to DIY ... totally inspired but would be so very appreicative of a starting off point. Thanks so much! Lisa
  10. LisaW

    Newbie Here!

    Hi Amy! Welcome & congrats! I just joined the site last week and I am already hooked! There are sooo many great ideas here, you cannot even imagine. Have fun and congrats again on your engagement!!! Lisa
  11. Hi girls! I LOVE the idea of a custom puzzle book! Does nayone have a template they could share with me? I'm new to this DIY stuff but I LOVE the creativity with it. If someone had a template, i'd be happy to run with it and then post whatever I can come up with!! Thanks so much! Lisa
  12. Hi! Depending on the set, i'd say about 10 - 15 minutes.
  13. LisaW

    Band help!

    I know! It's impossible to believe, but that's it. We found a great band in Jamaica, a neighboring island. But it seems very expensive for them to fly their equipment in. The one equipment rental place we know of on Cayman quoted us a fortune in rental fees. Arggg
  14. LisaW

    Band help!

    Hi girls! I am getting married in the Cayman Islands are apparently there is not a dance band there. CRAZY!!! We've been looking for months and sadly we think we have now exhausted all possibilites. We have a great dancing crowd, so the band for our recepton is super important to us. Does anyone have any experience on flying a band in and the costs and/or logistics associated with that band renting equipment on island? Thanks so much! Lisa
  15. Have you ever shopped on zappos.com? They offer free shipping AND free return shipping. This way you can order them, see the color in person (as well as the size) and if you hate them, you return them for free. And you get your $$ back as opposed to a store credit. Nothing lost! Lisa
  16. Wow, the $1 bin sounds fabulous ... wish we had a target in Manhattan. They are defintiely NOT that cheap, but here's a website that sells flip flops in a bucket ... Kate Parker Weddings, New England Couture Wedding Planner
  17. Sorry, forgot to answer the timing question! At my sister's wedding the band played 2 sets in between each course. Hope that is helpful!
  18. I'm a HUGE fan of dancing in between courses. I've only been to one wedding where there was eating first (all three courses in a row) and then dancing. By the time the meal was done everyone was too tired and full (food coma!) to dance.
  19. I second Amy's question! ... What works best to adhere the white stock paper to the aqua? As you could totally guess I'm new to this whole DIY thing, but you girls are inspring me for sure!
  20. Hi Leigh! Your gorgeous photos loaded very quickly for me. Under 3 seconds for each in the slideshow. Not slow at all!!!! Best of luck with the new site, very exciting! Lisa
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