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  1. I'd say it totally depends on if you planning on having a formal or an informal wedding. If you are going for formal (or even semi-formal too), it's the "W" for sure. If you are going informal you have your choice between the "W" and "B" and in that case i'd say to go for whatever he prefers! Lisa
  2. Bianca, they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to get a million calls saying how beautiful they are!! Great job! Lisa
  3. Sorry I am not being clear!!! I'm looking for a company that can actually imprint (or hot stamp) my wedding logo onto one side of a luggage tag. For example, you know how when you get a luggage tag from Liberty Travel or Royal Caribbean, one side of the tag has their logo already imprinted onto it and then you write your own personal info on the other side? I'm looking for a company that can do that for me with our wedding logo pre-printed!! Make more sense?
  4. Those square ones are great for your bridesmaids! They'll love 'em!!! But I am looking to do printed luggage tags for all my guests, so $15/tag is just too much for me. Anyone have any ideas for imprinted tages under $4/tag?
  5. Thanks! I'll search right now. But I am defintiely not savvy enough for a DIY .. the things you girls do are AMAZING!! Mine would come out looking like play doh
  6. Thank you SO much for the template! Sadly though, I am not that crafty and not trust myself to do it myself! Any ideas on a company that would imprint directly on the tags for me? I googled the topic and found lots of online vendors, but have no idea if any of them are any good. Any help would be so much appreciated!!! Lisa
  7. Hi! Just signed up for this site .. it looks so cool and helpful!!! Maybe somebody can help me with a project I've been working on for weeks? I'm looking for tropical-colored (turqoise or bright orange) luggage tags that I have custom imprinted one on side with our wedding logo. Nothing too expensive, but also something that's durable enought to last thru international travelling! Any suggesstions? Thanks so much, Lisa
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