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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for any Passport and Boarding Pass STD and Invitation templates that anyone may have out there. I love the idea and would like ideas and templates if anyone is willing to share. THX!!!
  2. Hi Does anyone have the files for the passport invites? I think they are an awesome idea and would love to have the files. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  3. Mrs. Romero

    Moon Palace ~ Cancun

    Hi can you send me what you have regarding the moon palace. All pics are welcome and photographer info is welcome as well. Thanks !!!!
  4. I am trying to decide between the Beach and the Gazebo, anyone have pics of the Gazebo? Marie
  5. Mrs. Romero

    Help!!! w/ RIU Palace wedding contacts

    Thanks Sarah no I have not. I am acutally looking at your slide show it looks awesome. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions once I get my confirmation #.
  6. Mrs. Romero

    Riu or Dreams Resort?????

    Thanks for your input I'm sure your wedding will be BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  7. Hi everyone, I am having trouble getting in touch with someone from the wedding department at RIU. Does anyone have a number that I can call to get in touch with the wedding planner at RIU? I have emailed but gotten no response. Thx ME.
  8. Mrs. Romero

    Riu or Dreams Resort?????

    Thanks for you input I really appreciate it. How do they compare on pricing. Do you know?
  9. Hi everyone, I am debating between the Riu Palace and the dreams resort. Anyone have any pros and con's on each? Looking to have between 40-50 people. Any help would be great I am so torn between the two. Any reason why someone chose one over the other? thx and congrats everyone!!!! The futrue Mrs. Romero
  10. Hi my new last name will be Mrs. Romero We are thinking of getting married next April or May 08 in Cabo San Lucas