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    Hi Deb! ! I have never been to St Croix, I'm sorry I have no help for you. But this forum is amazing and I'm sure you'll get tons of great insight here. Congrats on your engagement and happy planning!
  2. Awesome color! It will look so great on the beach! I love dress #4! Everything is covered & tastefully placed and yet it's still fun & flirty for the girls to feel good in. Oh I wonder which dresses they'll choose!
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    Hi Patricia, ! This site is wonderful & addictive ... I'm sure you'll fall in love with it as much as the rest of us!
  4. LisaW


    Congrats!!! There are tons of Cabo brides on this site which i'm sure wll be super helpful for you. In no time you'll be addicted like the rest of us! Lisa
  5. I really like the idea of you dancing with him at home to help him ... but i say maybe try to work it into something .... light the candles, have some wine, let him think it's a just a fun, speical night at home for the two of you .. and then casually help him dance a little. Maybe you can get him to loosen up that way in due time you'll have him comfy enough to do the first dance! I understand why you don't want to miss out on that! Good luck! Lisa
  6. Yep, Sunday June 15th, 2008 is Father's Day! So our farewell brunch is falling exactly on Father's Day. I wanted to something special for all the dad's that are attending. Nothing too expensive, but some sort of a nice something to acknolwedge it is Father's Day. Any ideas? I was just on another thread sayign how many little projects seem to pop up at the end, sorry to you girls who I just added something else to their lists!!!! Lisa
  7. Oh good luck Rebecca! I keep checking back to this thread every day hoping to hear good news from you. My fingers and toes are still crossed for you, GOOD LUCK!!! Here's a cheer for you ... Lisa
  8. Hi ladies! Is anyone else getting married on June 14th, or really anytime over this Father's Day weekend? Just curious how you girls will be acknowledging it's Father Day. Thanks, Lisa
  9. LOL! Loved it, thanks for sharing!!
  10. Love that place! I threw my sister's bachlorette party there (amongst other places, it was a late night!) Love it, love it!! Lisa
  11. Hi girls! My wedding is over Father's Day weekend and our Sunday farwell brunch is actually on Father's Day. Any ideas what kind of favor we can give all the dad's at the brunch to make them feel extra special? We'll have about 30 dads to gift. As always, super excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions!!! Lisa
  12. fabulous review and unbelievable wedding ... everything looks soooo beautiful!!
  13. twelve_piece, i love your book!!!! It's such a fabulous idea, i think it's now a must have for me too. Thanks for sharing!!!! Was yours a custom order? Or did you just buy and click off the website somehow? Was it expensive? Love it, love it!!! Lisa
  14. Sorry!! I have looked and looked but cannot seem to find it for you. I'm so sorry! I stay keep reading theru the post, maybe they'll place another ad. Sorry! Lisa
  15. Are you positive it starts in barcelona and in july?
  16. Oh i'm sorry -- you have me enticed though! I looooooooooove travel!! I'll look online and see if I can help you find it. Lisa
  17. Wow the itinerary sounds fabulous!!!! My guess would be it's eaiter Oceania Cruises (Oceania Cruises - Home) or the Yachts of Seabourn (Seabourn luxury cruises to Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, South America, Caribbean and Transatlantic) Good luck!!!! Lisa
  18. We're skipping the cake topper. We just love the idea of our entire cake being edible, yum! So I do not think your cake will be lacking without one at all. BUT, If you LOVE the monogram bling cake topper I say go for it! Weddings cost so much as it is, if there is an item you really, really love and think you'll miss if you do not have it, then definitely go for it! Otherwise on your wedding day you sadly may be focused on that one missing item as opposed to al the good stuff! Lisa
  19. I think it's so sweet and fun that your mom & sister want to throw you guys the shower! I say let them run with it and plan whatever they want and play whatever kinds of games they think you and your guests will love. Your mom & sister should love the vote of confidence from you guys, and even if they cover the party with games, it'll only be what 2-3 hours of your FI's time. And you can make it up to him that night!
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