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  1. hello all you GSP and GRP brides to be!! i am leaving for mexico in 6 days!!! OMG so excited!!! i am going crazy with last minute stuff, but i packed our OOT bags yesterday and am happy to say we fit it all in two pieces of luggage and 30 pounds each! better than i was expecting! just wanted to check whether any of you need specific info or pics while i am at the GRP next week? we have 42 guests and are having the beach ceremony and beach party reception, as well as a welcome reception/margarita party by the pool the night we arrive and i will be sure to post pics when i get back (nov 23). we're also staying in the swim up room, but hoping to get upgraded to the villa!!! let me know if there are any specific questions you haven't been able to get answered by damarys and i will ask her when i meet with her on Monday. i'm still a little in the dark as far as the photographer, etc, but apparently all will be revealed when we arrive! wish me luck!!!
  2. Hi all, I'm getting married at Grand Riviera in less than 5 weeks!!!! OMG, so soon!!! Just wanted to let you all know Damarys gets soooooo much better as you approach the wedding date. At first she was taking about 3 weeks to respond to my emails - now that we are closer to the date, I hear back from her within a day, so i am very encouraged! i guess she is just busy with current weddings... I have some info I thought might be helpful - Damarys let me just send in photos of bouquets and cakes that I liked, and she got me a quote from a florist. I splurged and got all orchids, and it was still pretty reasonable. and I just heard yesterday that the table linens do come in white covers with white bows, and that you can choose the colours of the flowers for the arch. Happy planning everyone!
  3. i love 3 on you. we have same taste! i tried 2 of your 4!!! you look beautiful!
  4. hey all, i'm lost! i can't seem to search for raffia fans on the OTC website and the site is HUGE!!! can someone send me the link to the fans?
  5. Hey ladies, I had to add my 2 cents cuz i have had some relative success in the cellulite department with a cream. it's not gone, but def better. I've been using Biotherm Celluli-Choc for about a month and i can totally see a difference! I was shocked! My mom actually bought it for me. But ethrodson is right, it's all about the massaging. but if the cream gets me to actually do the massageing every day i think it's worth it!
  6. reading this post inspired me to get some stuff done so i could catch up to you guys. not quite there, but we did find my FI's wedding suit this weekend! he looks very handsome. was very fun, i felt like i got to see my groom! we also picked the GM outfits. feeling good that all the "attire" is done! but still so many things to do...eek.
  7. I got the phrase books shipment today!!!! Yay! Was my first OOT bag package so I was very excited. The books are great, a bit bigger than i thought (maybe 5 by 4 inches but soft cover and thin), but makes them look more expensive It has basic conversational spanish, and alot of useful phrases for ordering food, bartering, and medical. i am very pleased! and I got them in 5 days! And another plus, they are super light! I ordered 40 and they will be easy to pack.
  8. I was debating the same thing. I think I will leave our names off the bags and mugs too. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey all, I was looking all over for the "Spanish for Dummies" for my OOT bags that were $1 at Target but couldn't find them in Canada. I just found $2 Spanish phrasebooks at Chapters and they ship free in Canada on orders over $39...thought I would share.... They are pocket size and super cute, I'm thrilled!!! chapters.indigo.ca: Easy Spanish Phrase Book: Dover: Books
  10. I'm looking for some too. Let me know if you find anything good! Good luck!
  11. Hi MissyR! Those look great and I've been looking for something cheap that would ship to Canada! Thanks for posting them! PS: i'm posting a thread for spanish phrase books in Canada, check it out.
  12. Hi Ron, Welcome! I am getting married at the Riviera Princess (next door) and I spoke to my wedding coordinator last week - she said she would send me pics of her latest weddings. I will post them whenever I get them from her. Good luck with your planning! Nice to have a groom on here!
  13. didn't work out today because i did my first bikini boot camp class yesterday and I can barely walk or laugh today!!! ouch! and i have to do it again tomorrow...
  14. EmmaB

    WII Fit

    i'm been debating getting one for weeks but i am so getting one now! thanks gals!
  15. the latest is that people can't believe we're getting married in mexico since a tourist got killed there last month. 10 people got killed in toronto last week! sigh... but my mom has finally come around (after 6 months) and seems to be getting excited, and we have 35 booked already, expecting about 50, and they really are my most favourite people. the people that really matter will make it. we still have a few grumblers, but i really think they would be the ones grumbing any way we did it. so at least this me me and FI are happy! good luck! and don't take it personal! you'll have the best wedding ever so it will all be worth it! good thread.
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