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  1. This is going to be short and sweet. Don't bring anything too "personal" with you, interperate that however you like After you get off the plane like many said you will get walk through a check point with a traffic sign; you walk up and press a button, and if it's green your good, if it's red, ya... they will rip apart your luggage in front of everyone in the airport. Also, try not to draw attention to yourself. I actually got the green light, but was wearing army coloured cargo pants from bluenotes lol... lets just say they didn't like the way I looked and ripped apart everypart of my luggage infront of the whole airport, luckily i took my own advice and didn't take any embarassing persay. Key is just to blend in with everyother tourist and not direct traffic towards yourself. Short of that, it is pretty good. OH one other thing, when you get on that bus that is going to drive you from the airport to your resort, if they offer you a Corona, they will most likely make it seem like it's on the house, it isn't and is most likely going to cost you 3 bucks US. Not a big deal, but make sure you have some cash on-hand. cheers ron
  2. Hey everyone, I appreciate all the warm regards, and assistance you have all provided. I should say that my fiancee and myself have booked our date and have paper work from the wedding coordinator in terms of picking packages and such. As an FYI, and I'm sure they are all like this, the add-ons are extremely expensive, a mariachie (did i spell that right?) is 750 bucks for 45 minutes, cake seemed a little high too if you had more than a standard package included. We are going to forgo paying some extra cash and take advantage of the fact we are at an AI resort and do tequila shots instead I have seen some photos from the resort, surprisingly my fiancee's cousin came back a couple days before we booked, unfortunately I don't have the photos personally, but i should say the resort looked beautiful. Please feel free to respond and ask anything, I can try my best to find an answer for you. Oh, one other thing, the price we were quoted, which was around 1400 per person after taxes was for a junior suite, if you wanted to upgrade to one of those suites with the sliding doors that go into the water, that was approx another 600 /couple based on double occupancy. All of the above, as my name mentions, are in Canadian prices So we are passing on the upgrade to that particular room lol... we'll take a second trip last minute for that price.
  3. Hi my name is Ron, Me and my fiancee Danielle are having a destination wedding in February in the Mayan Riviera, and are looking at the Grand Sunset Princess. This forum thus far seems the best, and any info you can provide would be fantastic. Having a really hard time finding wedding photos from the GSP, if you know of any, please let us know, it would mean alot. Thanks, Ron
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