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  1. thanks for the input ladies. by the way, are the day passes purchased the day of the wedding at the front desk or how does that work? PS. Can't i just make them pay for their own day pass for being cheapskates and not staying at Dreams?!?!? LOL
  2. Hi everyone! We're getting married at Dreams Los Cabos in June 2009. Some of my guests are saying its too expensive for them. I explained Dreams is an all inclusive resort and that it would be worth it but they REFUSE to stay there They want to go to our wedding so now its up to me to find another hotel or resort near Dreams that's more affordable! Does anyone know of any? I've looked at maps and other posts but I'm still not sure...
  3. Reading everyone's comments has made me feel WAY better. I'm glad I'm not alone... Thank you so much!
  4. Hello all... Ever since my fiance and i started telling our friends and family we want to get married in Los Cabos, we keep getting the occasional disapproving look or negative comment. More than one person has tried to talk us out of it. I know its our wedding and we should do whatever makes us happy but I can't help but feel a little pressured. Is this the case with anyone else or is it just us?
  5. Hi everyone! My fiance and I are planning to get married at Dreams Los Cabos in June 2009. After reading other posts, I'm glad I'm not the only one freaking out! We want the beach ceremony with a party of around 30 people... We're thinking of going with the Ultimate Wedding package that Dreams offers plus a few additional things here and there. Should I hire an outside wedding coordinator or should I stay with Yesica? We don't want to spend too much $$$ but we do want a nice wedding. I need all the help I can get, so if you have some advice please fill me in! Thanks!!!
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