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  1. Hi everyone, Yes these totes are still available. I don't have a picture of them on my computer yet, for those of you who asked. They are exactly the same as on the Ailana Kai website, which is why I haven't taken a picture. If you're interested, send me a PM with an offer. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I have 50 7"x9"x3" palm leaf totes for sale, which were purchased from Ailana Kai. Let me know if you're interested. I'd rather sell them as a bunch, but feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse if you're not wanting all of them
  3. hi ladies! Thanks for the interest. I would prefer to sell them all together so we don't have some left astray! Thanks!
  4. Hello, My fiance and I decided not to have a destination wedding. So, we have 40 Ailana Kai OOT bags (size 9"W x 7"H x 3"D). $2.50/each plus discounted shipping rate. Please let me know if you are interested. These are awesome bags and I just love them. We actually have 50 but I'm keeping 10 because they'll make great bags to put gifts in for our wedding party! Huge fan of these! Welcome to Ailana Kai
  5. For those of you who have been there... is there a kids pool area with things for kids to do? for example, a water slide, or anything of that sort?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by adias.angel I know how this can be. My mother became pregnant with my sister at 16 also and to this day my Grandmother will not let her live it down. I hate to say there is only one solution to the problem. You need to confront him on it. Be honest and let him know that if he can't behave himself at your wedding you will have another one of your guests escort him for the area. You will be amazed at how quick that loud talking will stop when you call him out on it. Hope that helps, Carla Aw, does it still cause tension between your grandmother and your mom? I agree with you. If he were to come and I allow it, I would definitely tell him that there will be eyes and ears open and he will be asked to leave if there is any disrespect. It's just sad that it would have to come down to it.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Maura and how old are you now? (just trying to establish how long your dad has been holding onto this and can't let it go) have you tried talking to him about it? like done everything you could to repair the relationship from your end so that you cant be made the bad guy? how do your siblings feel about the lack of relationship you have with your father? I am 23 now, my son just turned 7. Because we weren't close, at all, to begin with (pre-pregnancy), it's hard to salvage a relationship that didn't really exist in the first place. I always blame it on the fact that he stated a looong time ago that he only wanted 2 kids and my mom "convinced" him to have 2 more, me being the last. So he wasn't too involved with myself and my brother. I have gone to Christmas at his house for the past few years but last year was the only time he said boo to me and it was only to ask how I earn a living. But you have a point that I could be made out to be the bad guy because I was at home the longest and he acts differently infront of other people, so my 2 older siblings never really saw how he treated us. I don't feel they truly understand, or they choose to live with how he acts only for the sake that he is their only father. Ahh...sorry this has gotten so heavy!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita If your father is capable of saying negative things about you to your BIL's family, he will be capable of doing the same with your FI' family... What you tell of your father reminds me of my maternal grandmother, who told my paternal grandmother all kinds of horrible things about my mother... no need to say my grandmother is not invited to my wedding. I don't know why you sent the STD in the first place... maybe you're still trying to have this relationship "work".. after all he's your father. But you have to decide on what you really want. - If you don't invite him, then it's now "open war" no matter how you explain this to him or your siblings (although some of them will probably be able to understand). It will probably jeopardize anything left of your relationship to your father. At the same time, you know that you won't have to suffer drama and bad-mouthing about you at your own wedding. You'll be able to enjoy the whole thing instead of worrying every time you will see him talking to somebody else. - If you invite him, then you're probably safe on the family side, but how will you live your wedding ? Plus, will this actually improve the family situation as it is today ? Not sure. If this was me, I would definitely not invite him. I would call him and tell him everything on my heart - what I overheard, what I know - and tell him I don't want to take the chance that he ruins MY day. If your relations are already bad enough that he bad mouthes you with your BIL family, well, it will just give him more to talk about... and this time at least there will be some truth in it. Some of your siblings might understand, others not... that will definitely make it difficult. But I know I'm a strong person and I can go through that for the sake of my quietness. I don't know what's your story, so think about what you know you can take, what are your limits... A good question to ask yourself is what is more important : you and your wedding, or your siblings and your relationship to them (if they are the true reason why you sent the STD in the first place). I can see your points and I understand each side of them. I am confused about a decision because I partially feel bad for him because he doesn't have a family, all he has is my sister and brothers but in the same sentence, he shouldn't have his 'family time' on my time. I do regret sending him the STD, but I also do not want to deal with the hassel my sibs would have given me, and I wouldn't be surprised if they lost respect for me if I didn't invite him. I guess I could always say he did not reply in time and our confirmed guests took up the # of spots we reserved. I don't know yet. I just know he would bash me at my wedding and I invited him with certainty that he would not come... I was certain because of him not wanting anything to do with family things, how he never wanted to go on family trips, and he is the opposite of the "beach type"... among many other reasons I thought for sure he wouldn't go. The other side of this is that he could be bluffing.. knowing that the word would get back to me and make me uncomfortable. Who knows. I am a strong person and I fight for my way... you're right, I have to weight what it more important and because my siblings have not been there for me either 9since I had my son), it's looking a lot more attractive to have the time of my life at my wedding with no worries. That makes so much more sense. Thanks for your input!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Maura can i ask why you & your dad have no relationship? considering that you work in the same building and he didnt say hi when he ran into you... yikes. We do not have a relationship ever since I had my son... at age 16. I can understand how parents have tons of emotions when their child comes home pregnant; however, I have done well for myself. I am the only one in my family who has gone to university, and I am not finishing my Master's degree. I actually took care of my son and I did not go out and party like the stereotypical "teen mom". Needless to say, he has failed to see how positively my son has impacted my life. Edit: I meant to say I am NOW finishing my Master's degree
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 Well what I would do probably isn't the right way to handle it. So take from this what you will. I wouldn't have sent him one in the first place, would have pulled him to one side at my sisters wedding and warned him any more of that crap and i'd kick him in the nuts!! lol However as you did send the STD I'd call him and say look i sent it because I felt I had to. You aren't invited - you slag me off at every opportunity and I know you were having a go at my sister's wedding so you are once again not invited. Hang up and not contact him again. Thing is if your sibling do have contact you may get some grief for that approach. Decide what you really want and if its him not there tell him and tell anyone that moans about it to back off - its your life and business not theirs! No-one needs that kind of shit especially from your dad - don't take any stand your ground chick xx haha! If I had the guts to do that at my sister's wedding I totally would have! I know 100% my siblings would give me grief for not inviting him, which is why I felt pressure to do so. I mean, my dad and I even work in the same building and I avoid him at all costs (we are on seperate floors so it's not too hard to avoid him). One time I ran into him and he didn't even say hi. So, yeah, I like your idea about being honest. He does not talk to me so I know he won't have the guts to call me up and tell me if he's coming, and he does not answer the phone when I call. might be easier to talk to an answering machine anyway! Thanks for the input!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LisaG First off, I can't believe he was talking about you to your BIL's family. Wow! I sure would not let it stress you until you know forsure he is coming. After that, maybe you can call him and make sure he knows it's YOUR day, there will not be many people there for him to hang out with, and you just want to make sure he knows there will be no drama....that's a touch one. I know! It shocked me too when I heard him talking about him and all I could do was get up and go to the bathroom. I was at the head table so his loud voice definitely travelled. It just shows what I am up against though. I can only imagine what he would say as I'm walking down the isle and he's not the one walking me down. But, why would i have him walk me down when he has never been there for me?! I think you're right though, I shouldn't stress until I know for sure whether he's coming or not. It's hard though because technically I won't know for sure until December 20th! Oh dear....
  12. Hello all, I know there are a lot of people who have posted their dilemmas reguarding guests and they have received a lot of responses. I'm hoping you all will share your responses with this doozy... I am not close with my dad AT ALL, we speak MAYBE once a year (if at all). Last year I saw him at my sister's wedding and overheard him saying negative things about me to my sister's husband's family. I sent him a save the date magnet ONLY because 1)I thought for sure he wouldn't come and 2) my siblings probably would have wreaked havic on me if I didn't.... well I HEARD (again, shows the communication between him and I) that he is planning on coming!! I gave until December 20th for guests to RSVP (so we can pass the list on to the travel agent and for deposits). Gals... what should I do? He would in no way be a part of the wedding and I have immense fear that he will bash me at my own wedding to my FI's family. Also, there is no one from his side of the family that is invited (they are all in Germany), so he would be like an outcast, since my family (other than 2 of my brothers and my sister) does not communicate with him. Please help!
  13. Hi gals I thought I would share the love and post my STD magnet that I designed. I was so frustrated in the process because none of the designs I made felt like "the one". After numerous attempts, I thought "oh who cares anymore!" and I made this one as a one-last attempt before calling it quits. Well, it worked out well because we decided on the last design. I sent my design to Magnet Street to have them made. Before attempting to design my own, I paid the design fee to have one of their designers create one for us. let me say, I was very unimpressed with both designs the girl did. It was a pathetic attempt. So, I lost the $75 design fee and decided to make my own. In the end it worked out well and I would go through them again; however, I would not pay the designer fee unless I had no particular preference for what I wanted it to look like. The only reason I wanted to go with them is because I like the size and the quality of the magnet is great. It is thick and does not crease/fold like the ones I ordered from Vista Print. Anyway, as I said, in the end they turned out fabulous and everyone has commented on them. I also made "magnet inserts". I bought paper at Michael's that is pink on one side and flowers on the other. I printed brief information regarding the wedding and resort, stapled it with a pink staple, and put it in with the magnets. I also used the same paper for my "will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts (I will post pictures of those too). I printed black palm trees and seashells with pink outlines and used them to seal the envelopes. I printed them on address labels and just cut them out. Hopefully you are able to see the pictures in the power point. If you can't and you want to see them, let me know your e-mail and I will send it to you. Pics of magnet.ppt
  14. I was listening to Sirius and Caribbean Queen came on (Billy Ocean). This song has been in so many 80's movies, I think a lot of people would know it!
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