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  1. I used Marcia as well... she does the photography part but she has a videographer that she normally works with!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by FLgator I know most brides have just used the steel drum band provided by a resort, but does anyone know of how I might go about hiring one myself for a beach ceremony at Reggae Beach? Does anyone know the name of the RIU band? Thanks! Sent you a PM with the name and cocntact number for one of the RIU bands (the singer in the band actually)... if you cant get through to him let me know and I will send you the other one... I just prefer this guy the best from ROR.
  3. I second that... for sure always take some Jamaican dollars with you (although they will look down on it)... but no one turns down money anyways.
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    Anyone Headed to Jamaica Soon...

    I'll be down there the end of June and can take some pics for you... just remind me closer to the end of the month... keep in mind the following; Montego Bay forum: When will the madness stop with the RIU Corporation. - TripAdvisor Jamaica Gleaner News - Spanish shun Jamaica - Wednesday | May 14, 2008
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    Non AI in Negril Recommendations

    I second Coco La Palm... pretty central, rooms are nice, staff is great Blue Cave Castle looks pretty good too, never stayed there but took a tour of the property and looked at the rooms. Blue cave is not on the beach though... its at the west end... with the caves under the hotel...
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    Violence in Jamaica

    You should be fine; 1. yes its safe to leave your resort 2. yes the crime rate is high but its pretty much isolated outside the tourist areas / attractions 3. I have lived there for over 20 years and go there 2 or 3 times a year and I still make it out alive every time 4. Thats enough of my ramblings for now
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    Riu Montego Bay

    In case anyone is interested... PM stands up to RIU - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM But in any case... knowing Jamaica the way I know it... nothing will come of this, Riu will live on.
  8. 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1 oz. tequila 1 oz. Cointreau or triple sec 3 oz. Champagne
  9. 1. For the most part most places in Jamaica are safe... I personally avoid Kingston for the most part, theres nothing touristy to do there anyways... new Kingston OK... downtown Kingston not so good. But like every other country you go to... dont stray too far off the beaten path 2. Depends on your budget for the most part... personally I dont like AI's, maybe thats just me Which countries are you looking at right now for your wedding?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by nphaskins Hey All! We just returned from an incredible wedding in Jamaica, and wanted to share something unique with you guys. The wedding was held at the CoCo la Palm Resort (which is super cool and very laid back) in Negril. At 5:30 AM the morning after the wedding, we headed for their honeymoon retreat at the Sandals Royal Resort in Montego Bay. During the 85 minute Trash the Dress Session on a mini private island, I shot 1085 frames, then combined them all to re-create their story! Enjoy! YouTube - Trash the Dress - 1000 Frames Link to Part 3 of the 3 part post is below on my blog: Nicholaus Haskins Photography Blog That was pretty good... what did you use to put it all together Also do you have any pics from Coco La Palm... can never seem to find those.
  11. Has anyone got married at coco la palm / been to a wedding at coco la palm or has pictures of a wedding done at coco la palm... just curious as to how the decorations and stuff would look there - especially the reception area. Thanks.
  12. Welcome and congrats... wheres the secret place in Negril
  13. With Vista... the easiest way to do it is to unzip all files to the desktop.... Then right click on the font, there will be an option to install the font.
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    Hello Everyone...

    Thanks... I'm beginning to notice that... Happy to be here!!!
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Ilandking Thanks for the welcome ladies...I must admit I do feel a little out numbered being the only groom here, but Im trying to be more of an asset than a liability...but I'll deifnitely check out tose posts to get more info. Thanks again and Happy New Year everyone!!! This is the year..................2008 Congrats.... Another Groomhere too!!! I just signed up recently as well, still looking for a resort though... all of the Ladies here are wonderful!