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  1. It's been a while since I posted on the forum so I figured I'd share a few from this couple's wedding at ROR. The place is SO beautiful. You guys who are getting married there are going to LOVE it! Minutes after the ceremony. Their wedding was held at the water front, on the edge of the West end of the property. Taken in the main lobby of ROR. Out back on the beach of ROR. Top floor of the resort. The reception was more like a sit down dinner, so they blocked off a portion of the Mandalay Restaurant. I know it's a bit expensive to have your own reception on the beach. They did provide tiki torches and chairs out on the beach for the "after party." Even until 3 AM, we we're not haggled by any "vendors" roaming the beach. The next day we headed out to Dunns River Falls....a definite MUST see! The falls are within 10 minutes of the resort, so you have no excuse not to go! Go early though...or else the place will be covered with tourists. We planned to get there right at open time, and when we got there, their we're already 50-60 people there waiting. We RAN down to the base of the falls, and had about 15 minutes before everyone else showed up. I thought I was going to die going over the falls. It's not that slippery, but the water racing past your feet trips you out a bit. The beach at the base of Dunns River Falls. These 2 shots we're taken back at the resort. More photos! Wedding - RIU Ocho Rios Trash the Dress - Dunns River Falls *Bonus* - Pre Wedding Shoot in NYC! Good luck with the planning, and may you guys have an AWESOME wedding!
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    Why you SHOULD trash your dress!

    Quote: Originally Posted by vdambs AAAMAAAZINGGGG!!!! I wasn't even going to consider doing the whole trash the dress thing but nphaskins you have convinced me, that it's now a must do for me! Frikking yay! That's what I was hoping this video would do!
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    Why you SHOULD trash your dress!

    Amarillis, your right on. The term "Trash the Dress" is not literal....well...sometimes it is, however in the case with ocean water, most of the time the dresses are not really trashed.
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    St. Pete Beach

    A great place to get married would be the Grand Plaza Resort on St Pete Beach. The Presidential Ballroom has a 180 degree view of the entire coast! The sun sets right over the water there as well! As far as a DJ....Dan at Sunset DJ is THE best. I've worked with him several times, and even had him DJ at our wedding. He keeps things going, and even when something goes awry, he picks up and keeps going without missing a beat. A great place to hold the rehearsal dinner would be Crabby Bills. It's almost walking distance from the Grand Plaza Resort, and right on the beach. Right next store there are several little tiki huts on the beach...with several bars to boot! Great food, with a smashing view! Let see what else...if your into having a violinist...I know a great one that I've worked with before. Her name is Carol Stickers. PM me for her email, as I am not sure that she would want it posted on a forum. I have to respect her. For floral, theres Flowers by Design. For a baker theres Cakes by Carolyn. For a MUA who does nails as well...her name is Jen. Her email is jgpanagos@hotmail.com. I know she wont have a problem with her email being up here. Hope this helps you guys out a bit! Good luck with the planning and congrats!!! So super exciting!
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    Why you SHOULD trash your dress!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk there is no way I'm trashing my dress!! hmmm...seems we have 10 months left to convince you! hehe.. Agape Gems...that would be super cool!
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    Why you SHOULD trash your dress!

    Quote: Originally Posted by MayaGirl This is really really cool, I love the footage of real Jamaica, this video is fabulous. What song did you use for this? Thank you! The first song was by the Long Beach Dub All-Stars (formerly Sublime)...they unfortunately dis-banded in '02. So sad...they had such laid back reggae'ish music that was really cool. The second song was purchased from Orignialdin.com...stock music.
  7. Because it's so much frikking fun! I decided to post this on this forum because there was such a great response from the TTD - 1000 Frames that I posted here a while back. We rolled some video of Tanya and Victors Trash the Dress session in Montego Bay, Jamaica and put this together. Hopefully this will encourage you guys to give this a shot the day after your wedding! ...and yup...Tanya and Victor wore what they got married in...a true TTD session! Enjoy guys! Video on my blog Video on Youtube.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by K&Rwedding AMAZING!!! STUNNING!! FABULOUS!!! Ladies you will never wear your dress again, don't preserve it, don't think about making it into a cocktail dress and your daughter or niece can get their own dress. If these pictures don't convience you to TRASH THE DRESS. I don't know what will. Truly amazing photos. The dress you will only wear once, the trashing of the dress you will only do once, having photos that are risky, fun, sensual, sexy and unique you will have these forever. I have goose bumps and can't wait to trash my dress. Who cares if it cost thousands, trash that sucker. You should soooooo be my cheerleader!
  9. Hey Guys! Our blog has moved servers and it just occurred to me that this link is no longer any good. Here is the updated link for part 3! Thanks for all of your kind words on this incredible trip! Nicholaus Haskins Photography Blog
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    Vendors in Jamaica

    Quote: Originally Posted by mabride09 Hi Everyone, I am planning a weddingmoon in Jamaica for 2009. We are renting a villa in the Montego Bay area and are trying to locate vendors. Please let me know of any good vendors that you worked with........ Caterer Videographer Florist Wedding Planner As far as video, this guys is so great! I have worked with him, and he is very polite and professional. - RG Weddings - Montego Bay Jamaica?s Documentary Videography Company For your Florist, contact Floral Fantasies. Floral Fantasy; Flowers for All Occasions from Negril, Jamaica For your wedding planner, there are several on this board (although I have not been here long), however one that I have worked with and trust is Helen: Destination Weddings, Weddings In Jamaica, Wedding Planner In Jamaica, Getting Married In Jamaica Good Luck!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by starfish 1115 Let me start by saying WOW. The pictures look amazing. Ok this may sound dumb, but was that her actual wedding dress or did she have a second to trash? Thank you so much! Yes, that was her actual wedding dress! They are such super cool people!
  12. Man you guys frikking rock! Thank you all for all of the kind words! If you guys thought that was cool, you oughta check out the album that I just finished designing for them! It's quite large, exquisite, and beautiful and will take about 5 minutes for the experience to be complete. The link will open in a new window, and does have music. http://www.haskinsphotography.com/albums/langford/index.html
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    a few vendor reviews

    Quote: Originally Posted by JamaicaBride010908 Well, I already posted a review of my wedding in the wedding review section. We were married at Couples Swept Away. So I posted about the resort in the Couples and Sandals section. So I want to add a bit here for other Jamaica brides about the only vendors we used. Sungold Photography - Paula and Damian are a couple based in Negril but will travel to other parts of Jamaica. They were amazing, and fun to work with. We found their prices to be very reasonable. We got over 700 images on DVD and they were with us for 8 hours (including a lunch break). They do lots of weddings at non AI resorts, such as Moondance Villas, Tensing Pen, Rockhouse, etc. I highly recommend them. Norma's at Sea Splash resort - We went there for our reception dinner. They have a fabulous venue for small to medium sized groups. There's a private, upper banquet area. It has a thatched roof and open air sides, and overlooks the beach. It's such a perfect tropical setting. We pre-ordered our food off the menu ahead of time. (removed prices and sent to our guest to select) This they suggested, and it made for speedy service. The prices were reasonable and the food was delicious, with lots of selction. We opted not to decorate in the usual wedding fashion, and told them simple flowers on the tables were fine. They still decorated nicely in our theme colours and shells on the table. We hired a steel drum band, but whatever type of music you want, they will arrange it for you. I recommend this place. They're right on 7 mile beach, just down from Couples Swept Away. Only thing is that it would be too small for a larger group. I did also talk to Carey at negril Escape. Of course I don't know how good it is, but he was wonderful about giving me options and pricing. The venue looks stunning right on the cliff edge, and they will do the full blown wedding reception deal right down to chair covers and all, for bigger groups. I found that other places, like Rockhouse, would only reserve us tables amongst everyone else. Other cliff resorts only did receptions for their own guests. Floral Fantasy - Although we went through the resort for our flowers, this is the florist Couples uses in Negril. I wanted orange toned flowers, so I was out onto their website where I could look at options well ahead of time. I also talked to Rosemarie there, and she was so nice and helpful. If you need a florist in Negril, check them out. +1 on the restaurant. I think my clients had 50+ people upstairs, and yes it was very crammed, however it's such a beautiful place! The atmosphere is so peaceful and serene! The guy Nick that works there actually designed everything himself, and REALLY likes when you tell him the flowers look gorgeous! I have to agree with you about Floral Fantasy as well. They have such beautiful arrangements! They were there for hours setting up for this!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Robyn Mumford I love these images.. they are very HOT! And so is your blog. My Flosites blog will be done this week and I am so excited to show it off Robyn Lol....thanks! My blog gets on average 3-4 times as much traffic than my website does, and is so unbelievably important these days! I cringe when I see wedding photographers without blogs! It's like....dude...what have you been up too! Usually those folks are the ones with websites from the 90's still:) It also helps that the blog is the best of the best! Flosites rocks! They are expensive, but they are worth it! Can't wait to see yours!
  15. Wow thanks so much for the kind words guys! Yes the bride was very beautiful, and Victor is absolutely stunning as well! We definitely had a blast, and look forward to going back! In all I covered about 20 hours, and shot a little over 4000 photos!