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  1. Yay! Good Luck! I went to Macys this week for shoes for my BD shoot. I have every intention of returning them!
  2. Thanks Lauren! I love them too, I just don't want to give out all different bags. I wish I had bought more of them!
  3. I bought these last year before knowing how many people were coming. Well we have about double the amount expected so I had to get different bags. I'm asking $15 plus shipping costs for the 23 bags. They are all aqua and are 16x11x3. Let me know if you have questions. SOLD!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa hey kelly - i will buy those from you after your wedding if you are interested in selling them! They are yours if they come back with me! I bought 7, not sure if you needed more.
  5. I ended up getting the ones Kate (LALA) recommended. They come in all sorts of colors but I just bought the clear ones since my tables are going to be pretty colorful. They were $1.99 and are about 9" tall.
  6. I ordered the same ones from Kohl's. Not to be a party pooper but to let others know, they were $9.99 plus shipping and there are plenty of coupon codes out there. apt. 9 Sterling Silver Starfish Pendant
  7. I feel ya. I pretty much have the majors done. The one thing I'm worried about is putting together the DJ list. There is such a range in ages coming I have no idea how to prepare for them all. I'm sure the DJ will know (I hope).
  8. For those of you that made your FI a BD album, what size did you make it? I'm looking at either making a 5x7 or 8x8. I think the 5x7 may be too small.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan DR26-SFLY offer expires June 30, 2008. 20% off 5x7 book. you can use it as many times as you want. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Very cool! Congrats! I grew up down the street from Williamstown.
  11. Cheesecake Factory, Cherry Hill Sunday, April 27th Time: TBD 1. Alyssa 2. Kelly
  12. I'm going to wear one of his dress shirts, probably with heels or something. I've never worn lingerie, so this will be more of a once in a lifetime for him to see me in it. Just hope he doesnt expect to see it again (or all that often). LOL The thinning magic of photoshop will be used in mine, definately!!
  13. I would do that too, but my Matt knows me too well. I am a sweatpants and tshirt gal and he would totally know something was up. I'd bring a GF but I haven't told ANYONE that I am doing them. I'm going to start tanning tonight too. Hopefully I don't turn into a lobster!
  14. I know, I'm so nervous. But I'm friends with the photographer so hopefully that helps. I don't even have all of my 'outfits' yet. I know VS has a cute new PINK collection. I saw these boyshorts in their catalog that had cute sayings on them. I'm going to swing by their store tonight probably.
  15. We arent doing pictures beforehand. Also, the salon is down the street and they do not send people to the hotel. So we might be able to have different people do all of our hair. So that may take less time.
  16. My wedding ceremony is at 6pm, what time should I schedule hair/make-up appointments for? The wedding will be outside on the beach so I don't want it to be lifeless if I schedule it too early. I also have 3 bridesmaids that will want theirs done too.
  17. Dollar Tree I need to get different ones for the single guys.
  18. Great dress! My girls are wearing it in light aqua (last years line). I bought it in white for our rehearsal.
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