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  1. Did anyone have a specific song played for the entrance of your bridal party and for the New Mr. and Mrs? We probably don't need anything, but I think it would be fun! This is the last thing I need before I leave... in 4 days!
  2. At what point do you bustle up your dress for pictures? I know I want some with it down, but we'll probably get alot of them like that just during the ceremony. When do you bustle your dress? Right after the ceremony or right before the reception?
  3. You looked great, I love the dress on you!! Matt wants to do the whole cake smashing thing too. I'm going to kill him if he ruins my makeup!!
  4. Yea Matt is the same way! Men!
  5. Templates: Attachment 1960 Attachment 1961 Attachment 1967 Attachment 1968 Chapstick labels.ppt OOT Bags- Welcome letter.doc luggage tags Back.doc luggage tags Front.doc
  6. Chapsticks- Bought from AVON on sale for $0.69 First Aid Kit- Cost me about $0.50 each; includes: Band-Aids, Advil, Imodium AD, cue tips, Alcohol wipes I found some diarrhea songs to put on the packages from this blog
  7. Luggage Tags- Purchased from ID Card Group and loops from ebay. Brochure- Thanks for your help Morgan! OOT Bags- I bought the bags from Cheaptotes in orange, blue, yellow, and green Includes: Sudoku, pen, chapstick, first aid kit, koozie, playing cards, sunblock, aloe, hackie sack Tags Koozies- Bought from Kustom Koozies
  8. My Necklace and earrings- DIY made with my grandmother’s crystals Centerpieces- Ribbon from papermart Ceremony Fans- Oriental Trading Co Ceremony Ecofetti- From EcoParti Originally had a poem in there, but decided against it. Candy Buffet Poem/Frame- Frame from Michael’s
  9. Well here we are 9 days to go, time flew by. Thank you everyone for your help and inspirations!! Here are my planning pics… My ring with band Matt’s ring; tungsten with celtic knots My Dress- Maggie Sottero Limited Before alterations Final fitting with bustle (ignore the stupid face) TTD- It’s simple and cheap, exactly what I was looking for. $50 including shipping from EBAY, seller: fabulous_gowns Matt’s Suit- Nautica; Macy’s
  10. Those are awesome! For the inside tag idea, you can always write/pain on a piece of fabric and velcro it to the inside.
  11. $3.39 in S Jersey. I just noticed that some gas stations have changed their signs so that using your credit card is like .10 more. Real nice... Love the double whammys!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by MoWife Rutgers University (and now at grad school at Rowan so I guess I have trouble leaving NJ!). RU! Rutgers University! C/O 2008
  13. She definately didn't let me down. Things happen and she needs to be with her family for this. I'm glad I like her backup!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan I hope it all works out for both of you! Sounds like y'all have things under control. I had a nightmare that I was getting ready for my wedding & realized I totally forgot to make a plan to meet up with my photographer. So I found my cell phone & she had texted me "1885." So I assume that means I should go to the hotel library & find a book labeled "1885" to get a clue about where she is. There was this really weird guy who was working in the library & he was so lonely because no one ever stopped in. So he tried to make it really hard for me to find the book so I'd stay & chat. All this time I'm getting super stressed about having time to get ready. I finally find the book & it's about the american revolution. Then it dawns on me that the number must have refered to a room number, not a library book. I have crazy dreams. HAHA. That's an interesting one...
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Are you able to cancel & rebook the flight? Amanda's blog looks realy good. I also saw this website on her blog- ROCKTOGRAPHERS Fun! The flight thing is what we are going to have to figure out. Robin said she would pay the difference so hopefully it will be ok. I know, I love when photographers do neat things with rings.
  16. I plan on doing tulle or fabric too. It'll work, I'll make it work
  17. I've had the same reoccuring nightmare over the last few weeks, the photographer didn't show up for the wedding and we didn't have any professional pictures! I get an email last night from my photographer, Robin Depaula (former BDW member) saying that she isn't going to be able to come to the wedding. Her husband has cancer and has surgery schedule for May 29th (say a prayer for her husband). So her associate photographer that she has worked with is going to fill in for her. Luckily I like her work!! So my new photographer is Amanda Meyer. God I hope I don't have any more nightmares!!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel Also girls, not sure if you have looked into this yet. My curtain I purchased from World Market wouldn't fit in my largest suitcase. I had to saw off 2 or so inches from each end. This maybe something to consider just in case yours doesn't fit either. Crap! Mine should be coming in the mail this week. We'll see if they fit. The arch my resort is using is like a regular arch size, so I hope it will be enough. Yours looks a lot larger then the one they have.
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