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I'm so happy I found this site! It seems great!!


We just got back from touring some places in the Riviera Maya and I thought I would come back with all the answers but now I'm more confused!!


We really liked the Catalonia Riviera Maya (where we stayed), but my fiance's friends were married there so we don't want to copy them.


Does anyone have any suggestions for other places to look at?? We want to find an all-inclusive that allows kids, and is affordable so our friends/ family can come too!! We like the Riviera Maya area...



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I have photographed weddings at Moon Palace in Cancun and Grand Occidental Xcaret in Playa del Carmen.


The bride from Moon Palace was married at the resort. The bride from Grand Occidental was married in town.


Both weddings were fun and the brides were fabulous - but the wedding in town was so exciting...the energy was incredible.


If you go to my blog and click on "Categories" then "Weddings" - the first wedding that pops up will be the Playa del Carmen wedding.

Jill Higgins Photography Blog


The Cancun wedding is on my old blog. If you go here:

<img src = "http://www.jillhiggins/bloglogo.jpg">

Scroll down to March 6th and look for Lenita and Andre's wedding in Mexico.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions about either place.


:) Best wishes!

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