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  1. Monica your magnets look great!! I am so happy you loved your boarding passes!! Thanks again!
  2. Wow Meagan everything looks fantastic, I hope today was amazing for you! Best Wishes, can't wait to hear all about it!
  3. Happy Wedding Day Meagan!! I hope your day was amazing!
  4. I finally got the opportunity to update my website! New designs and pictures are on there too!
  5. You ladies named the big ones there and all are great. I am just in Reno so if you have any more questions just let me know! There are great rental companies around that you can get a great house with hot tubs, etc too!
  6. Runner is great but can get expensive if you have a lot to do. You can also try a film type double stick tape as well.
  7. Happy Birthday Tammy! Hope you are having a great day!!
  8. Erika everything looks fantastic!! I cannot wait to hear all about it and see pictures!! Have a blast!!
  9. What you will do is select the image you are trying to lighten and you can adjust the opacity of it. So if it is at 100% then reduce to 50% or whatever level to lighten it up. Hope that helps
  10. I sell on etsy, (as you already know:)) so check a few different things. Do you have the order number from etsy in your email? They always send an email when you purchase something, that might be an easier way to track it down. YOu can also search her sold items too, maybe it will show up in there too! As far as paypal going too, you might have to adjust the search, sometimes it only shows a month but you can usually go back much further too. Hopefully that might help
  11. Hey you...I didnt realize you were on here!! Your pictures turned out amazing, what a great time!!
  12. Desiree you looked beautiful, its sounds like you had an amazing time!! Congratulations!
  13. When I did mine last year I just emailed Yesica and she sent me the files, you might try that!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!! I cannot wait to hear all about it and see your pictures!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Weddingin2010 I'm going to give this a try...I'm so excited! One quick question Jessica - did you use the size 15 or the size 11 seed beads? Wow, good luck!! People will think you are crazy, just forwarning you! But it was fun and your guests WILL LOVE THEM!! I bought the beads off whimbeads.com and bought the 11 size.
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