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This newbie is getting Maui'd!

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Hi everyone!

How exciting planning a destination wedding!!!!....I've done sooo much research that I'm quite confident in all my decisions!

I've booked my Photographer, Makeup artists, Hair stylist, Commisioner, and Restaurant for our brunch.


We are eloping in Maui, its our 2nd marriage for both or us. We decided that we wanted our girls to be part of this special day, making them a very big part of it. So it is only going to be the 5 of us.

blah.gif Anyways....we are planning the day to be next September. I have to say that I'm quite obsessed with this whole planning thing...smile105.gif


I'm working on a Photographer's "must take" picture list....This has been quite fun...WOW there are some very amazing poses out there...LOVE the trashing of the dress... very sexysmile43.gif


Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you all


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Hi and thanks for the great welcome...especially my fellow BC'ains!!cheer2.gif


I wonder why we ever thought of a destination wedding....ahahha. We have 6 cms of the white stuff...and I dream of ocean breezes often. Although, it is beautiful in the summer....


I'll be checking out all your bios..

Thanks again


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